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Technology Transfer

A primary goal of the National Sea Grant College Program and NYSG is the dissemination of results of Sea Grant-funded research and their ultimate use by coastal audiences. While this is a function of NYSG’s staff, the investigators themselves are also expected to have an active role.

Presentations, Interactions, and Interviews

Investigators and Sea Grant Scholars are required to discuss their project activities and results with NYSG research and extension staff upon request, and are encouraged to share information with stakeholders, other scientists, and the media. Such exposure can be very valuable to the investigators and NYSG, and has become increasingly important. Reference to NYSG’s funding support is expected.

Primary venues for connecting with other scientists include meetings of scientific societies and technical symposia. Also, investigators may be asked to participate in specific workshops, seminars, and other meetings conducted by NYSG to share information or expertise relevant to their projects.

NYSG can help facilitate continued interactions between investigators and stakeholders during and after the project’s completion. Also, NYSG’s research, extension, and communications staff members will contact the lead principal investigator from time to time regarding additional tech transfer or outreach activities. If contacted by the media, investigators are encouraged to touch base with NYSG’s Communications Manager for helpful tips and/or assistance. Principal investigators are welcome to contact NYSG for assistance with outreach meetings or activities that they may wish to initiate themselves.

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