Aquatic Invasive Species
Invasive Species Policy Issues: New York State


Chapter 324 of the Laws of New York of 2003 called for an Invasive Species Task Force to explore the invasive species issue in NYS. The Task Force provided twelve recommendations to the Governor and the Legislature in November 2005. Some highlights of the State's new invasive species policies and projects are presented on this page.

The NYS Invasive Species Task Force November 2005 report

  • Executive Summary, 13 pp. (pdf)
  • Full Report (pdf)

This 146 page report describes the nature and extent of the invasive species problem in NYS. It discusses existing efforts to manage invasive species, starting with overviews of statewide - including federally-supported - programs. It addresses both successes and obstacles to success, using species accounts to illustrate concepts, including a review of who is doing what to combat invasive species in the state. The report presents 12 recommendations for how the state could better address the invasive species issue.

Partnerships for Regional Invasive Species Management (PRISMs)

Another step that NYS is taking to foster a statewide invasive species response is the development of PRISMs (Partnerships for Regional Invasive Species Management). In several cases, existing Weed Management Areas (WMAs) are morphing into PRISMs (Long Island, Adirondacks, St. Lawrence/Eastern Lake Ontario); in other instances, new partnerships are being formed.

The PRISMs will be based upon the paradigm of Weed Management Areas (WMAs), that is, geographical regions within which local organizations of landowners, private and public land managers, and educators work together to combat invasive plants. The goal of WMAs is to promote cooperative efforts to manage invasive plants through an integrated approach of protecting or restoring desired native plant communities at the watershed level through education, early detection and eradication, and management. PRISMs will expand that goal to address all invasive species: plants, animals, pathogens, aquatic, terrestrial, the entire range of possible taxa.

Map of existing and proposed PRISM boundaries (pdf)

Chart showing the relationship of PRISMs with statewide outreach, clearinghouse and database functions, invasive species research institute and other components of the NYS invasive species program (pdf)

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