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05/11/201808/03/2018 New York Coastlines, Spring 2018 | Publications - Articles / Web Extras: NY Coastlines—NYSG's flagship publication—and its news archive, Currents, highlight news, events and other activities from our coastal program's various research, extension and education endeavors throughout NY's marine and Great Lakes waters.
09/25/201702/13/2018 New York Sea Grant Names Two New Coastal Hazards Specialists and an Outreach Educator | Extension - News: In their new positions, three new NYSG staffers are looking after New York coastlines and populations and conducting outreach regarding hazards and stewardship opportunities.
05/20/201502/07/2018 New York Coastlines/Currents, 2015 | Publications - Articles / Web Extras: On Blog: January - December 2015 (Blog Post) In a year when we didn't produce our fl...
02/13/200902/07/2018 Long Island Sound Research Projects | Long Island Sound Study - Press Release: The Sea Grant programs of Connecticut and New York have awarded nearly $820,000 in Long Island Sound Study research grants to five projects that will look into some of the most serious threats to the ecological health of Long Island Sound, a water body designated by the Environmental Protection Agency as an Estuary of National Significance.
09/25/201711/21/2017 Model Reproduces Recent Changes in Ocean Climate around New York City and the Mid-Atlantic | Climate / Research - News: Professor Nickitas Georgas surveying Hudson River conditions on the coastal ice cutter Sturgeon...
04/14/201710/29/2017 Sea Grant Awards Over $676K to a Total of Three Long Island Sound Study Research Grants | Long Island Sound (Research) - Press Release: Studies look into some of the most serious threats to the ecological health of Long Island Sound, a water body designated by the Environmental Protection Agency as an Estuary of National Significance.
10/08/201710/08/2017 K to Gray Education: Resources From New York and Beyond | Education - News: An interactive online feature showcases the value and impact of Sea Grant education program from coast-to-coast, highlighting activities for youth, university and adult levels from Sea Grant's network of 33 U.S. programs.
03/09/201209/10/2017 New York Educators Help Restore Threatened Coastal Habitats in Louisiana and at Home | Education - News: As featured in Newsday, The Port Times Record and documented in a blog ... A group of educators who traveled to southern Louisiana in February 2012 to rebuild habitats devastated by recent natural and man-made events are now relating the wetlands loss education they learned to habitat loss occurring in New York.
01/14/201309/10/2017 New York Volunteers Augment Restoration’s Success in Southern Louisiana | Education - News: As featured in Louisiana's WaterMarks magazine, NOAA Coastal Services magazine and reported by several media outlets: To learn about wetland loss in southern Louisiana and how it relates to the habitat loss occurring in New York, a group of 14 educators traveled to the Bayou State in late February 2012 to rebuild habitats devastated by recent natural and man-made events. This was the second time in as many years that such a trip was planned.
03/07/201109/10/2017 Blog Documents Habitat Restoration Efforts in Louisiana | : A group of New York educators traveled to Louisiana in late February '11 to rebuild tidal wetlands and maritime forest communities devastated by recent natural and man-made events.
02/21/201109/10/2017 Sea Grant and NYSMEA Team Up for Hands-on Oil Spill Education and Restoration Efforts | : NYSG staff and NYSMEA educators embark on five-day trip to south Louisiana to learn about restoration efforts and talk with experts about wildlife rehabilitation.
10/25/201009/10/2017 Sea Grant-ers Pitch in for Habitat Planting in New Orleans | : Sea Grant communicators and colleagues from the national network’s 32 programs recently participated in a habitat restoration planting effort in New Orleans.
09/13/201009/10/2017 Gulf Oil Spill: Two Don't Miss Lectures | :

New York Sea Grant sponsors two talks on recovery eforts since the Spring 2010 Gulf Oil Spill.

08/25/201009/10/2017 Long Island Sound Study's Sum '10 Newsletter Educates on Oil Spills | Long Island Sound Study - News: LISS's latest issue of Sound Update focuses on oil spills - whether oil from the Gulf of Mexico spill will reach the Sound, and our preparedness to handle such events.
04/21/201409/10/2017 New Book Synthesizes Decades of Long Island Sound Research | Long Island Sound - News: Stony Brook, NY, April 21, 2014 - In late 2013, the Long Island Sound Study (LISS) announced that t...
06/08/201209/10/2017 Volunteer to Help New York State Parks and Long Island Sound Study | Long Island Sound Study - Press Release: Efforts Assist in Protection of New York's State Parks Contacts: Larissa Graham, New...
04/18/201209/10/2017 Long Island Sound Study Educates at "Under the Sea" | Long Island Sound Study - News: New York Sea Grant's Long Island Sound Study outreach Coordinator Larissa Graham had students make a "promise" to protect the Sound. As stewards, the students colored pictures of some of the more than 170 fish species and 1,200 invertebrate species common to Long Island Sound.
02/21/201209/10/2017 NYSMEA and NYSG Re-Team for Habitat Restoration Efforts and Wetlands Loss Education | Education - News: NYSG and NYSMEA staff led about a dozen educators and teachers during a five-day trip to south Louisiana in late February 2012 to learn about plant restoration efforts and talk with experts about tidal wetlands loss. This is the second year that NYSG and NYSMEA have partnered for this in-the-field experience. Following the trip, the educators will share what they have learned with other NYSMEA members, students and the general public through both a Web blog (with content provided by NYSG) and a Web casts at the Association's annual conference this summer.
12/19/201109/10/2017 NYS Conservationist Magazine Examines NYSG's First 40 Years | NYSG @ 40 - News: Recreational and commercial fishermen, seafood businesses, municipalities, researchers and educators—these are some of the important stakeholders that are served by New York Sea Grant, now in its 40th year of Bringing Science to the Shore.
09/29/201109/10/2017 Capture the King Tide Contest | Long Island Sound Study - News: The Long Island Sound Study is participating in the King Tide campaign (mid-late October 2011) in an effort to help communities and individuals visualize the impacts of sea level rise. And we need your help!
07/13/201109/10/2017 Long Island Sound: Ours to protect, restore, and enjoy | Long Island Sound Study - News: Although so much has been done to protect and restore Long Island Sound, there is much left to do. Each of us affects the Sound in some way so it is up to all of us to work to keep it healthy and safe for our use.
07/11/201109/10/2017 LI Sound's Sentinel Monitoring for Climate Change Program Launches | Long Island Sound Study - Press Release: The goal of this strategy is to collect sentinel data to provide scientists and managers with the information necessary to prioritize climate change impacts and determine appropriate adaptation strategies.
06/16/201109/10/2017 After More Than 40 Years, Hempstead Harbor Reopens Shellfish Areas | Long Island Sound Study - News: On June 1, NYSDEC reopened approximately 2,500 acres of shellfish beds for shellfish harvesting in outer Hempstead Harbor and Long Island Sound.
06/14/201109/10/2017 Research | NYSG-Funded Projects: 2011: NYSG received a grant totaling $2.449 million in fiscal year 2011 to fund its research, extension and education efforts on important coastal issues in fisheries, coastal marine habitats, coastal flooding, among others.
06/13/201109/10/2017 NOAA's Dr. Jane Lubchenco Visits NYSG | : Meet and Greet for Dr. Jane Lubchenco with New York Sea Grant and Partners at Stony Brook Universit...
05/06/201109/10/2017 Long Island Sound Mentor Teacher Program | Long Island Sound Study - News: Through this program, certified educators share their successful strategies for implementing Long Island Sound into existing curricula with their peers in professional development workshops.
05/04/201109/10/2017 Get Social With Sea Grant: LI Bays | Publications: Postcards: One of a set of social media postcards focusing on New York's Great Lakes and Long Island bays ecosystems.
03/08/201109/10/2017 $1.28M for Long Island Sound Research | Long Island Sound Study - Press Release: Sea Grant programs in CT and NY have awarded $1.28M  in research grants to examine some of the most serious threats to the ecological health of Long Island Sound.
02/21/201109/10/2017 Winter Sampling in LI Sound | New York Coastlines, Winter 2011: Well prepared for winter sampling in their survival gear, a Sea Grant Scholar and a research lab assistant share with us what they're finding in winter samples on LIS.
01/24/201109/10/2017 Long Island Sound Health 2010 | Long Island Sound Study - News: How does Long Island Sound measure up? The report uses environmental indicators of the Sound’s health in the areas of water quality, coastal and aquatic animal populations, habitats, and land use.
10/25/201009/10/2017 NYSG Specialist Offers Students an Outdoor Classroom Experience | Long Island Sound Study - News: As reported in several newspaper feature articles, NYSG's Long Island Sound Study outreach coordinator is working with local middle school students as part of an outdoor classroom program.
10/25/201009/10/2017 Scientists and managers discuss nitrogen in NY Bight | New York Coastlines, Fall 2010: In a two-day workshop held in Manhattan in July 2010, scientists and managers discussed the issues surrounding nitrogen and nitrogen controls in the New York Bight and its associated estuaries.
09/20/201009/10/2017 National Estuary Day & International Coastal Cleanup Day | : National Estuary Day and International Coastal Cleanup Day are both on Saturday, Sept 25th. How will you be helping this weekend?
09/10/201009/10/2017 Wildlife & Botanicals Art Exhibit | : Several paintings and drawings are now on display at Cold Spring Harbor Library by naturalist/illustrator Jan Porinchak, who's also created artwork for New York Sea Grant.
09/10/201009/10/2017 Long Island Bays and Inlets Poster | Publications: Posters: In this setting, you'll see a dense profusion of marine flora and fauna that could be found along any number of saltwater inlets.
06/10/201009/09/2017 NYSG Partners to Re-launch, Manage NYSMEA Web Site | New York Coastlines, Summer 2010:

This past spring, NYSG partnered with the New York State Marine Education Association to re-launch the Association’s Web site, a benefit to educators from all levels.

06/09/201009/09/2017 LISS: Redesign, Research & More | Long Island Sound Study - News: A newly-redesigned Long Island Sound Study Web site, an award-winning NYSG Outreach Coordinator and current and upcoming related research make this latest round of Long Island Sound news.
04/27/201009/09/2017 LI Sound Marine Spatial Planning Forum | Long Island Sound Study - News: Connecticut and New York Sea Grant programs will host a forum on Marine Spatial Planning for Long Island Sound on Wednesday, May 5, 2010 at the University of Connecticut Avery Point campus.
04/05/201009/09/2017 NYSG Partners to Re-launch, Manage a Web Site for NYS’s Marine Educators | : The launch of the new NYSMEA website demonstrates the increasing collaboration between NYSMEA and NYSG in the marine education arena.
03/30/201009/09/2017 NYSG’s Award-Winning Educators Announce Latest Endeavors | : Two of NYSG’s Extension Specialists, Larissa Graham and Helen Domske, were recently awarded for their efforts as educators. Graham will help launch a new Web site for the NYS Marine Educators Association in early April. Domske will help coordinate a State of Lake Erie meeting in April and lead a Lake Ontario teacher training workshop in late July.
09/09/200909/09/2017 A Sound Research Cruise on the R/V Seawolf | :

In August '09, Newsday's Jennifer Smith accompanied SoMAS researchers aboard the R/V Seawolf  on a day-long sampling cruise in the area of the western Long Island Sound near Execution Rocks. Dr. Gordon Taylor, Dr. Kamazima Lwiza, and their students collected water samples for their study of the interplay between microscopic organisms, water mixing, and summertime hypoxia (low oxygen conditions.) The study is one of five two-year research projects funded in large part through the US EPA’s Long Island Sound Study with additional funds from the New York and Connecticut Sea Grant programs.

07/16/200909/09/2017 Tracing Sound Inputs via Groundwater | New York Coastlines, Spring 2009:

It’s well understood that too much nitrogen in the water is not healthy for aquatic life in Long Island Sound. But until now it’s been hard to estimate how much nitrogen has actually been coming from submarine groundwater discharge (SGD), particularly along the sandy sediments off LI’s north shore.

07/16/200909/09/2017 A Delicate Balance | New York Coastlines, Spring 2009: NYSG announces 14 new research projects for '09, valued at $3.64 million. These include a sportfishing study exploring strategies to help sustain Lake Ontario's coastal community economies; research on VHS, a fish disease affecting a number of key Great Lakes species; tracing Long Island Sound inputs of nitrogen via groundwater; forecasting ecosystem effects of the "bloody-red shrimp," a new Lake Ontario invasive; and the impact of alewives on their prey populations.
11/26/200809/09/2017 Local high school students assist in protecting the Nissequogue River Watershed | Long Island Sound Study: The Action Plan for the Nissequogue River Watershed was only recently released, but already students from two local high schools are involved in projects to protect the watershed.
11/26/200809/09/2017 New Stewardship Plan for Nissequogue River is Called to Action | Long Island Sound Study:

High School Students, elected officials and partner organizations support a new Stewardship Action Plan for the Nissequogue River, which highlights the watershed's significant ecological and recreational values.

06/20/200809/09/2017 A Ferry-Based Observing System for Long Island Sound | Publications: Success Stories - Research: In an NYSG-funded research project, investigators equipped a commercial ferry with a variety of sensors to monitor and collect data about the LI Sound as it makes its daily transects. In real-time, the data is transmitted for use through the Sound Science Web site.
02/19/200809/09/2017 Long Island Sound Study Gets A New Educator | Long Island Sound Study - Press Release: Larissa Graham joins NYSG as its new Long Island Sound Public Outreach Coordinator.
04/17/201409/04/2017 Long Island Sound Stewardship in New York | Long Island Sound Study - News: In Spring 2014, Long Island Sound Study partners with the Town of Brookhaven for field trips to several Long Island Sound Stewardship Sites.
06/29/201608/21/2017 A Report Card for Long Island Sound | Long Island Sound Study - News: This Eco Health Report Card compares five water quality indicators: dissolved oxygen, nitrogen, chlorophyll a, phosphorus and water clarity
06/28/201606/28/2016 Second Annual Ferry 2 Two Roads Event to Benefit NYSG's Long Island Sound Outreach Efforts | Long Island Sound Study - News: This summertime celebratory event is slated for a 10:15 AM start at the Port Jeff- Bridgeport Ferry Terminal in Port Jefferson, NY on Saturday, July 9, 2016.

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