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03/15/201803/22/2018 NOAA Awards $9.3 Million to Support Sea Grant Aquaculture Research Nationwide | Seafood Safety and Technology - Press Release: The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) announces 32 research grants totaling $9.3 million for projects around the country to further develop the nation’s marine and coastal aquaculture industry.
03/16/201803/16/2018 On YouTube, On Air: How Technology is Helping Sea Grant to Better Understand A Key Lake Ontario Fish | Great Lakes Sustainable Recreational and Commercial Fisheries - News: NYSG's Great Lakes Fisheries Specialist discusses a recent study on King Salmon, a key fish species in Lake Ontario's ecosystem, with TV and radio outlets throughout New York's North Country.
11/10/201703/16/2018 On YouTube: NY Sea Grant King Salmon Video Highlights Value, High-Tech Fish Tracking | Great Lakes Sustainable Recreational and Commercial Fisheries - Press Release: Cornell University researchers and Sea Grant personnel are using pop-off satellite archival tags developed to work in freshwater to collect unprecedented data about salmon movement and behavior.
04/10/200803/13/2018 Publications | Success Stories: NYSG's impacts for its research and extension efforts.
03/09/201803/09/2018 NYSG and NYSDEC Announce $200,000 For Great Lakes Basin Projects | NY Great Lakes Basin Small Grants Program - Press Release: Up to $25,000 is available for each project, proposals for which must be submitted by May 1, 2018. A Webinar for applicants will be held on March 18th.
10/30/201702/13/2018 On the Fifth Anniversary of Sandy, a Big Question Remains | Coastal Processes & Hazards / Research - News: Sea Grant investigators show that the superstorm was not a worst-case catastrophe.
10/30/201702/13/2018 State of the Bays: Action Plan Release on Harmful Algal Blooms | Harmful Algal Blooms - News: Sea Grant has an integral role in developing this first-of-its-kind comprehensive and integrated strategy to guide the work of multiple levels of government, scientists and academia to address increasingly frequent algae blooms that have plagued marine waters, threatening both Suffolk County’s environment and economy.
05/20/201502/07/2018 New York Coastlines/Currents, 2015 | Publications - Articles / Web Extras: On Blog: January - December 2015 (Blog Post) In a year when we didn't produce our fl...
02/13/200902/07/2018 Long Island Sound Research Projects | Long Island Sound Study - Press Release: The Sea Grant programs of Connecticut and New York have awarded nearly $820,000 in Long Island Sound Study research grants to five projects that will look into some of the most serious threats to the ecological health of Long Island Sound, a water body designated by the Environmental Protection Agency as an Estuary of National Significance.
05/17/201602/07/2018 On YouTube: NOAA Sea Grant Coastal Storm Awareness Program Comes Ashore | Coastal Processes & Hazards - Press Release: Documentary Short to educate Emergency Managers, empower Coastal Communities; Points to resources from NOAA's NWS; FEMA; NYC Office of Emergency Management, more.
09/25/201711/21/2017 Invasive Species a Worry for Scallop Fisheries | Aquatic Invasive Species / Research - News: Scientists are concerned about the impact of an invader on local fisheries, as it can cause a number of challenges for the famous Atlantic sea scallop.
09/25/201711/21/2017 Model Reproduces Recent Changes in Ocean Climate around New York City and the Mid-Atlantic | Climate / Research - News: Professor Nickitas Georgas surveying Hudson River conditions on the coastal ice cutter Sturgeon...
08/26/201711/21/2017 In Photos: Changes in the Ocean Affect Economically Important Shellfish | Research - News: Stony Brook University investigator Chris Gobler and his team are collecting information that could foretell the fate of New York’s three most valuable bivalve fishery species: hard clams, eastern oysters and bay scallops.
08/10/201711/21/2017 On YouTube, On Air: State of the Bays: Communities Respond to Colorful Tides that Could Signal Harm | Harmful Algal Blooms - News: “2017 has been one of the worst years for brown and red tides,” said Dr. Christopher Gobler. “Conversely, blue-green algal blooms have been mild thus far.”
04/08/200811/20/2017 How Does Sea Grant Benefit You? | NYSG News: Sea Grant has been working with a wide assemblage of partners to support New York’s coastal communities, businesses and residents for five decades now.
10/06/201711/13/2017 With Satellite Tags, Researchers Track, Protect Lake Ontario King Salmon | Great Lakes Sustainable Recreational and Commercial Fisheries - News: The salmon population in Lake Ontario has been thriving, yet across much of the Great Lakes, these valuable fish, also known as Chinook salmon, are in decline.
10/23/201711/06/2017 New York Coastlines, Fall 2017 | Publications - Articles / Web Extras: Features include: How Does Sea Grant Benefit You? ... Surveying Lake Ontario Basin communities about springtime flooding ... Are you prepared for the next hurricane or severe storm? ... Also Upcoming Events and other NYSG research, extension and education stories.
10/09/201711/03/2017 In Photos, On YouTube: NYSG Surveys NY North Country Property Owners Impacted by High Water Levels | Coastal Community Development Program - News: The information collected will be used to identify areas that are most vulnerable to high water levels and inform future community flood risk planning.
10/07/201711/02/2017 NYSDEC and NY Sea Grant Announce $199,575 in Grants for Great Lakes Basin Projects | NY Great Lakes Basin Small Grants Program - Press Release: Eight Funded projects enhance community and ecosystem resiliency in the Great Lakes Basin
03/06/201710/29/2017 On Air, On YouTube: Partners, Teachers, Other Stakeholders on NYSG's Benefits to Coastal Communities | NYSG News: Sea Grant has been working with a wide assemblage of partners to support New York’s coastal communities, businesses and residents for five decades now.
08/17/201710/29/2017 On YouTube, On Air: New York Sea Grant, Cornell U Surveying Lake Ontario Region's High Water Impact | Coastal Community Development Program - News: "We're looking for occurrences of inundation, erosion, damage to natural and man-made shoreline protection features, disruption to travel and disruption to businesses."
10/07/201710/29/2017 On Air: NY Sea Grant Posts “Info Bursts” on Great Lakes Issues | NY Great Lakes Basin Small Grants Program - Press Release: Topics for the 60-second CurrentCast segments include: protecting pets from algal bloom, Great Lakes rip currents, lakefront landscaping, the Erie Canal, invasive species, microbeads and coastal education.
06/04/201710/29/2017 On YouTube, On Air, In Photos: State Invests $2M in NYSG to Advance Cutting Edge Brown Tide Research | Harmful Algal Blooms - Press Release: NYS Governor Andrew Cuomo's investment will restore shellfish populations to improve water quality and mitigate brown tide in Long Island's waters.
04/14/201710/29/2017 Sea Grant Awards Over $676K to a Total of Three Long Island Sound Study Research Grants | Long Island Sound (Research) - Press Release: Studies look into some of the most serious threats to the ecological health of Long Island Sound, a water body designated by the Environmental Protection Agency as an Estuary of National Significance.
09/08/201610/29/2017 NOAA and Sea Grant Fund $800K in Ocean Acidification Research | Research - Press Release: Studies from Maine to New York will help investigators gain a better understanding of effects of ocean changes on iconic Northeast marine life.
08/31/201610/29/2017 New York Sea Grant Awards Buffalo State Researchers Nearly $12K to study water at Gallagher Pier | Research - Press Release: Congressman Higgins announces study at Gallagher Pier on Buffalo’s Outer Harbor where NYSG-funded researchers are using next-generation sequencing to pinpoint potential problem areas.
07/07/201610/29/2017 SUNY ESF Investigators Monitor NY Waters of Sodus Bay | Harmful Algal Blooms - News: Buoys, installed through funding by NYSG and partners, help predict toxic algal blooms
07/24/201710/11/2017 On YouTube: Sea Grant Harmful Algal Blooms Info at State Parks Alerts Dog Owners to Potential Risk | Harmful Algal Blooms - Press Release: The HABs information resources - which include a fact sheet and brochure - are being well-received by pet owners, according to New York State Parks officials.
10/08/201710/09/2017 Two from New York Become Coastal Storms Research Fellows | Education / Research - News: In this unique one-year program, Fellows work with academic advisors and outreach mentors who offer guidance ranging from input on framing research question to communicating results to target audiences, and ensuring their research leads to broader societal impacts.
10/08/201710/08/2017 Through a Sea Grant Fellowship, Shark-Obsessed Teen Becomes the Expert | Education / Research - News: Since inception, NYSG has been supporting graduate students—over 800 of them—including its current director, Bill Wise, and recently-retired Great Lakes fisheries specialist, Dave MacNeill.
10/08/201710/08/2017 Effects of a Superstorm Linger: Four Years after Sandy | Marine Coastal Processes & Facilities / Research - News: Graduate student Tyler Abruzzo and research technician Josh Zacharias picking through a heavily...
07/18/201709/24/2017 NYSG & NYDEC Announce $200K Available for Great Lakes Resilience Projects | NY Great Lakes Basin Small Grants Program - Press Release: Proposals are currently being accepted (through September 22nd) for grants (each up to $25K) that will help protect New York's Great Lakes and drive economic development.
01/15/201409/18/2017 NOAA and Sea Grant's Coastal Storm Awareness Program: Publications & Media | Coastal Processes & Hazards - News: Publications and media for NOAA and Sea Grant's Coastal Storm Awareness Program
02/01/201109/10/2017 Lecture: Gulf Oil Spill Update | “The Oil Spill, the Mississippi, and the Challenges of the Gulf”: On Friday, NYSG's Director will give an updated on recovery efforts since last spring’s Gulf of Mexico oil spill.
10/04/201009/10/2017 The Gulf Oil Spill: What Have We Lost | : On Friday, October 15, 2010, a panel of experts will assemble at Stony Brook University to answer some questions regarding the Gulf Oil Spill and subsequent relief effort.
09/28/201009/10/2017 Info Needed, Provided on Oil-Spill Monitoring and Research | : A database hosted by the Gulf of Mexico Sea Grant Programs site features oil-spill-related research and monitoring activities.
06/09/201609/10/2017 New York Sea Grant Announces New Omnibus Research Projects | Publications: New York Coastlines, Spring/Summer 2016: Mitigating the impacts of climate change and human activities on coastal community resilience, wate...
12/18/201409/10/2017 On YouTube: USGS's Oswego unveiling of its new research vessel, R/V Kaho | Great Lakes - News: Several New York Sea Grant staffers were on-hand for a ceremony at the Lake Ontario Event Center to celebrate the U.S. Geological Survey's newest research vessel, The R/V Kaho.
04/21/201409/10/2017 New Book Synthesizes Decades of Long Island Sound Research | Long Island Sound - News: Stony Brook, NY, April 21, 2014 - In late 2013, the Long Island Sound Study (LISS) announced that t...
03/02/201209/10/2017 On YouTube: NYSG@40: 2011 Statewide Highlights | New York Coastlines, Winter 2012: On November 1, 1971, The New York Times ran the headline “New York Sea Grant Program Receives...
03/01/201209/10/2017 Celebrating 40 Years in the Great Lakes | New York Coastlines, Winter 2012: With so many of its user groups – from anglers and educators to elected officials and researchers – strongly tied to these coastal resources in the Great Lakes, New York Sea Grant hosted and participated in a variety of 40th anniversary lectures and receptions this past fall.
01/27/201209/10/2017 NYSG Associate Director to Kick Off Cornell U's NTRES 2012 Spring Semester Seminar Series | NYSG @ 40 - News: New York Sea Grant Associate Director Katherine Bunting-Howarth will present on "Future Roles for Sea Grant Research and Extension" on Tuesday, January 31 at 3:30 pm in 135 Emerson at Cornell University.
12/19/201109/10/2017 NYS Conservationist Magazine Examines NYSG's First 40 Years | NYSG @ 40 - News: Recreational and commercial fishermen, seafood businesses, municipalities, researchers and educators—these are some of the important stakeholders that are served by New York Sea Grant, now in its 40th year of Bringing Science to the Shore.
11/02/201109/10/2017 New York Sea Grant Building Partnerships at SUNY-ESF | NYSG @ 40 - News: NYSG's Associate Director, Dr. Kathy Bunting-Howarth, visited ESF this fall for a presentation about NYSG's 40 years of "Bringing Science to the Shore." "This presentation is an opportunity to introduce Sea Grant to a new generation of researchers, students, policymakers and anyone making decisions about the resources of New York's coastlines," Bunting-Howarth said.
09/02/201109/10/2017 Making Sea Grant research accessible in new media | New York Coastlines, Summer/Fall 2011: With the launch of a new feature on New York Sea Grant’s Web site, we are now happy to provide visitors the ability to search our NYSG projects portfolio.
09/02/201109/10/2017 NOAA’S Lubchenco visits Sea Grant at Stony Brook | New York Coastlines, Summer/Fall 2011: In May 2011, New York Sea Grant held a “meet and greet” event in honor of Dr. Jane Lubchenco, Undersecretary of Commerce for the air and oceans and administrator of the National Oceanographic and Atmospheric Administrator.
07/11/201109/10/2017 LI Sound's Sentinel Monitoring for Climate Change Program Launches | Long Island Sound Study - Press Release: The goal of this strategy is to collect sentinel data to provide scientists and managers with the information necessary to prioritize climate change impacts and determine appropriate adaptation strategies.
06/14/201109/10/2017 Research | NYSG-Funded Projects: 2011: NYSG received a grant totaling $2.449 million in fiscal year 2011 to fund its research, extension and education efforts on important coastal issues in fisheries, coastal marine habitats, coastal flooding, among others.
06/13/201109/10/2017 NOAA's Dr. Jane Lubchenco Visits NYSG | : Meet and Greet for Dr. Jane Lubchenco with New York Sea Grant and Partners at Stony Brook Universit...
06/02/201109/10/2017 NYSG's Great Lakes Research Featured at IAGLR | : Sea Grant programs, including New York, were in attendance at the 54th International Conference on Great Lakes Research.

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