NOAA and Sea Grant's Coastal Storm Awareness Program - Proposal Submission
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CSAP Full proposals are due by Friday, November 22, 2013, 4:30 PM EST.

Note: Full proposal submission is only open to those who previously submitted a Letter of Intent.

The objective of this research initiative, Sea Grant's Coastal Storm Awareness Program (CSAP), is to better understand the current mechanisms used to disseminate and receive coastal storm hazard information, the information being conveyed (what, when, how, and by whom), the factors that affect whether recipients of this information decide to act on it, and the actions that these recipients take as a result. The goal of the program is to save lives and promote public safety by providing valid social science research and/or technology-based tools that could be used by the National Weather Service, Emergency Managers, the media and coastal communities in order to ensure that informed decisions are made by coastal residents during severe coastal storms. It is anticipated that the application of the funded research’s results will increase the likelihood that residents who should remove themselves from harm’s way actually do so or take other actions to prevent themselves from becoming storm casualties. Proposals funded under CSAP will focus on the coastal areas of New Jersey, New York and Connecticut impacted by Hurricane Sandy.

Information and instructions for submitting your proposal are available in the RFP. To view the RFP go to and click on the RFP link.

Submit proposals following the details below:

When ready click the “Apply Now” button below. You will be taken to the submission page.
Choose "Proposal" from the drop down where it says "Select;".

Fill out all required fields. Please remember that matching funds (aka cost share) are not
required under this Call so you can put zero in those fields.

Click the “Browse” button to upload your proposal (as a PDF). Include your assigned reference number in a cover note at the front of your full proposal pdf submission.

Click the “submit proposal” button when ready.

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