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There are many natural and human factors that influence the dune ecosystem found along the eastern shore of Lake Ontario. Comprehensive stewardship and coordinated management of this fragile resource is essential to its wise use and preservation. One way to accomplish this goal is by participating in activities designed to enhance our understanding of this unique system. It is only with an increase in our awareness and understanding of the dune system that the value to this irreplaceable natural resource can be recognized, protected, and used wisely.

These Activities for Learning More focus on the use, management, and conservation, of the dune ecosystem. These activities are designed to be used with the information provided on this web site, "Our Lake Ontario Sand Dunes and Wetlands." They can be used before, during, or after a field trip or visit to the dunes by both adult and youth groups. These activities focus on dune issues and can be done informally or integrated into existing school curriculums or educational programs. They will supplement and enrich subjects such as science, mathematics, social studies, language arts, and arts.

You are encouraged to try these activities and become more familiar with our unique dune system. You may need to consult a dictionary to become familiar with some terms that are introduced in "Our Lake Ontario Sand Dunes and Wetlands."

Dune Model

A Visit to the Dunes

Sand is Sand.or Is It?

Life in the Dunes

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