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I FISH NY-LI offers free classes for grades 3 through 12 during the school year. Classroom visits are accompanied by a fishing trip at a later date.

Classroom Visits

I FISH NY-LI educators visit classes for one 30 to 45 minute session. Class sizes range from 20-30 students. Multiple classes can be visited in one day. We provide lessons appropriate for elementary (grades 3-4), intermediate (grades 5-8) and commencement (grades 9-12) students.  Program options include:


  • Organism classification
  • External fish anatomy
  • Food web interactions


  • Organism classification
  • External fish anatomy and adaptations
  • Food web interactions


  • Food web interactions
  • Internal and external fish anatomy

Classes at all levels involve hands-on activities and applied learning skills. All activities address key ideas from the Math, Science and Technology-Living Environment section of the New York State Learning Standards. In addition, activities pull concepts from state mandated tests. Subject matter can be adjusted according to the needs of individual classes.


Fishing Trips

Fishing trips occur within two weeks of the classroom visit. Sites are chosen based upon proximity, time of year, tides, and fish species. Trips are held in light rain, and are only cancelled in case of severe weather. Unfortunately, due to scheduling restrictions, rain dates are not possible.


I FISH NY Policies

School Responsibilities:

  • Provide transportation to and from the fishing site
  • Pay all park use fees where required
  • Provide adult chaperones. Including teachers and parents, the adult to student ratio must be at least 1:5. Adults are expected to provide assistance to students during the trip.


I FISH NY-LI Responsibilities:

  • Provide rods, bait, and tackle
  • Provide fishing technique and safety instruction


Additional Programs

I FISH NY-LI has partnered with Nassau and Western Suffolk BOCES to provide additional education to existing party boat fishing programs. Specified on-board activities are offered free of charge on a first come, first serve basis, and may be combined with in-class programs. Please contact your local BOCES for more information (see 'Related Sites: Groups We Work With,' click here)



Clinics and Festivals

To reach the local community, I FISH NY-LI offers free public fishing festivals and clinics during the year. Loaner rods, bait, and instruction are available at every event. A vehicle use fee may be in effect at some events. Check out our events section for more details. (click here)

Community Groups

I FISH NY-LI also partners with community groups, such as Boy and Girl Scout troops, to offer fishing clinics and instructional programs. Programs highlight topics such as fishing tackle and techniques, rules and regulations, fish identification, aquatic ecology, and stewardship practices. After receiving some basic fishing instruction, the group is supplied with loaner rods and bait to try fishing. Please call for more information on scheduling an event. (click here)


Frequently Asked Questions

What does the program cost?
The I FISH NY-LI classroom program is free. However, schools must pay for transportation to and from the fishing site and a park use fee, if required.

Most fishing festivals and clinics are also free of charge, except for parking fees at New York State Parks and some town parks. To get a seasonal pass to New York State Parks, purchase an Empire Passport. (www.nysparks.state.ny.us/passport)

Do you actually catch fish?
Yes. Many people regularly catch fish in Long Island’s 500 lakes and ponds and over 1500 miles of coastline. Also, each spring and fall, the NYSDEC stocks many of these freshwater ponds with rainbow trout, brown trout, and walleye. Although LI supports a healthy fish population, successful fishing depends on many factors, such as weather, water temperature, time of year, and tidal flow. 

Will we be fishing on a boat?
No. All fishing will be done from a pier or the shore. However, if your group organizes a party boat fishing trip, I FISH NY-LI can provide education before, on-board, or after the trip. Please call for more information.  (click here)

We already go fishing on a boat.  Can I FISH NY get involved?
Yes. I FISH NY offers free pre- or post in-class sessions and/or specified on-board activities to supplement your party boat fishing trip. Please call for more information. (click here)

Can we take fish home?
During our school programs, students will not be allowed to keep any fish that are caught during the outing. We practice catch and release fishing for these events. 

At clinics and festivals, participants can keep fish that are within regulation size limits.  Fish cleaning services are available at many of our events. Please have a cooler filled with ice to transport the cleaned fish home. Check out our Related Sites for more information regarding proper handling and preparation techniques.  (click here)

If a fishing event is cancelled due to weather will it be rescheduled?
Unfortunately, in the event of a cancellation, the event will not be rescheduled.

Do I have to be a science teacher?
No.  The I FISH NY program fits many other disciplines such as physical education, art, and English.

Are there other organizations that offer free fishing to individuals?
Yes, check 'Related Sites: Other Fishing Opportunities' for more resources. (click here)

Is I FISH NY available in other parts of the state?
Yes, check Contact Info from our home page. (click here)

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