2021 National Sea Grant College Program Dean John A. Knauss Marine Policy Fellowship
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Closes at: 5:00 p.m. Eastern on Friday, February 21, 2020.

Applications are now being accepted for the 2021 National Sea Grant College Program Dean John A. Knauss Marine Policy Fellowship (Sea Grant Knauss Fellowship Program) from eligible students who have an interest in ocean, coastal and Great Lakes resources and in the national policy decisions affecting those resources. The program, which is sponsored by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration's (NOAA) National Sea Grant College Program, matches highly qualified graduate students with "hosts" in the legislative branch, executive branch, or appropriate associations / institutions located in the Washington, DC area, for a one year paid fellowship.

Graduate students at New York institutions should submit through the New York Sea Grant program. Please read carefully and follow all instructions as conveyed in the Federal Funding Opportunity announcement. This document has details about the opportunity including eligibility information, application and submission information (see Note below), application review information, and more. For more information about this Fellowship, visit these following links for useful information:

For interested students submitting through New York Sea Grant:

  • Click "Apply Now" below.

  • Check that in the middle column it says “Fellowship Application”, otherwise select “Fellowship Application” from the drop down list.

  • Under “Applicant” provide all required contact information.

  • Title should be in the format “Knauss Fellowship Application for ...”

  • Browse and upload your application file then click the submit application button.

Note: Make sure your application includes “Required Elements” under 1. a) (1) through (7) as detailed in pages 7-8 of the Federal Funding Opportunity. Applicants do not need to include or provide:  1 b), c) or 2; The Budget Narrative at the bottom of page 8 or section 3;  Or the Overall Application on page 9 (SF-424 Form, etc.). Those parts are provided by the NYSG office when applications are uploaded to Grants.gov. Because "signed" letters and transcripts are required with this application, we suggest that you scan and combine these documents with the other required elements as one PDF document, and then upload one complete file. 

If necessary, letters of recommendation can be submitted through this form separately by each letter writer coming to this page and by selecting “Letter of Recommendation” from the drop down list. They must provide their contact information on the form. For title they should use their last name followed by “letter of recommendation for” followed by your last name. We will combine the letters with the rest of your application before submission to Grants.gov.

Knauss Fellowship Applications:
Tips/Suggestions for a Successful Application from NYSG's Director

  • The competition is stiff and each application is only briefly discussed by the review panel.

  • Strictly follow all the application requirements.

  • Get your reference letters from diverse letter-writers who know you well and will hopefully write outstanding letters.

  • Use the full two pages available for your Curriculum Vitae and make sure to list significant extracurricular activities.

  • The personal statement is very important to the evaluation process so pay careful attention to the quality of your writing.  You should be specific about what you would bring to the Knauss Fellowship and how you would benefit.  If you had an “aha moment” that led to your current interest in marine and coastal policy describe it.

  • Visit the information links provided above.

Note that the deadline time is based on the server clock displayed on the top right of the submission form not your computer’s time. Note the time remaining displayed in red.

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