2018 NMFS-Sea Grant Fellowships in Population and Ecosystem Dynamics
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Closes at: 5:00 PM Eastern on Friday, January 26, 2018

Applications are being accepted for the 2018 NMFS-Sea Grant Fellowships in Population and Ecosystem Dynamics (FFO #: NOAA-OAR-SG-2018-2005442).

The Fellowship Program expects to award at least two new PhD Fellowships in 2018 to students who are interested in careers related to marine ecosystem and population dynamics, with a focus on modeling and managing systems of living marine resources. The emphasis will be on the development and implementation of quantitative methods for assessing marine ecosystems, for assessing the status of fish, invertebrate, and other targeted species stocks and for assessing the status of marine mammals, seabirds, and other protected species. Fellows will work on thesis problems of public interest and relevance to National Marine Fisheries Service (NMFS) under the guidance of NMFS mentors at participating NMFS Science Centers or Offices. The NMFS-Sea Grant Fellowship in Population and Ecosystem Dynamics meets NOAA's Healthy Oceans goal of "Marine fisheries, habitats, biodiversity sustained with healthy and productive ecosystems".

Additional application information can be found on the NOAA Fisheries/Sea Grant Fellowship Web site.

Graduate students at New York institutions should submit through the New York Sea Grant program. Please follow all instructions as conveyed in the Federal Funding Opportunity announcement from:

Grants.Gov: 2018 NMFS-Sea Grant Fellowships in Population and Ecosystem Dynamics

For interested parties submitting through New York Sea Grant:

  • Click "Apply Now" below.
  • On the application and file submission form:
Where it says “Select:” in the middle column, select “Fellowship Application” from the drop down list.
Under “Applicant” provide all required "contact information."
Provide a title (do not make your title very long).
Browse and upload your application file then click the submit application button

Note: Be sure your application includes "Application Required Elements" numbers 1-13 as detailed on pages 5-8 in the Full Announcement of Federal Funding Opportunity. Because of the "signed" letters and transcripts that are required with this application, we suggest that you scan these documents and combine with the other required documents as one PDF document, and then upload one complete file.

If necessary, letters of recommendation can be submitted through this form separately by letter writers by selecting “Letter of Recommendation” from the drop down list. They must provide their contact information on the form. For title they should use their last name followed by “letter of recommendation for” followed by your name.

Note: Each Grants.gov package and associated 424 forms will be filled out by NYSG.

Note that the deadline time is based on the server clock displayed on the top right of the submission form not your computer’s time. Note the time remaining displayed in red.

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