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05/11/201808/03/2018 New York Coastlines, Spring 2018 | Publications - Articles / Web Extras: NY Coastlines—NYSG's flagship publication—and its news archive, Currents, highlight news, events and other activities from our coastal program's various research, extension and education endeavors throughout NY's marine and Great Lakes waters.
05/29/201806/06/2018 What Do Lake Ontario’s “Resident Anglers” Want? | Great Lakes Sustainable Recreational and Commercial Fisheries - News: This NYSG-funded study helps to shed light on better understanding the relationships between motivations, constraints, facilitators, demographic and experiential characteristics, and fishing participation for resident anglers who don't have a preference for catching a specific fish species. This is important for fisheries promoters and business owners seeking to attract this large angler market.
11/10/201705/10/2018 On YouTube: NY Sea Grant King Salmon Video Highlights Value, High-Tech Fish Tracking | Great Lakes Sustainable Recreational and Commercial Fisheries - Press Release: Cornell University researchers and Sea Grant personnel are using pop-off satellite archival tags developed to work in freshwater to collect unprecedented data about salmon movement and behavior.
03/16/201804/27/2018 On YouTube, On Air: How Technology is Helping Sea Grant to Better Understand A Key Lake Ontario Fish | Great Lakes Sustainable Recreational and Commercial Fisheries - News: NYSG's Great Lakes Fisheries Specialist discusses a recent study on King Salmon, a key fish species in Lake Ontario's ecosystem, with TV and radio outlets throughout New York's North Country.
04/26/201804/26/2018 Sea Grant Partners Up for 2018 State of Lake Erie Meeting | Great Lakes Coastal Youth Education - News: The free NYSG-led public meeting was held in partnership with the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation and in cooperation with Assemblyman Sean M. Ryan and the Southtowns fishing club.
03/15/201803/15/2018 NY Great Lakes Fisheries Specialist Dave MacNeill Receives National Award | Great Lakes Sustainable Recreational and Commercial Fisheries - Press Release: MacNeill was selected for the Wick Award—the highest honor given to Sea Grant Extension personnel by their peers— from among the 571 Sea Grant Extension professionals serving across the nation.
10/06/201711/13/2017 With Satellite Tags, Researchers Track, Protect Lake Ontario King Salmon | Great Lakes Sustainable Recreational and Commercial Fisheries - News: The salmon population in Lake Ontario has been thriving, yet across much of the Great Lakes, these valuable fish, also known as Chinook salmon, are in decline.
03/06/201710/29/2017 On Air, On YouTube: Partners, Teachers, Other Stakeholders on NYSG's Benefits to Coastal Communities | NYSG News: Sea Grant has been working with a wide assemblage of partners to support New York’s coastal communities, businesses and residents for five decades now.
10/10/201710/11/2017 In Photos: Sea Grant Brings GLEEE to A-Z Summer Education Workshop on Lake Ontario | New York's Great Lakes: Ecosystem Education Exchange - News: Using the “teach-the-teacher” workshop approach in which teachers interact with scientists, NYSG coastal education programming prepares hundreds of teachers to educate and engage thousands of students as the next generation of Great Lakes-literate citizens.
10/08/201710/08/2017 Through a Sea Grant Fellowship, Shark-Obsessed Teen Becomes the Expert | Education / Research - News: Since inception, NYSG has been supporting graduate students—over 800 of them—including its current director, Bill Wise, and recently-retired Great Lakes fisheries specialist, Dave MacNeill.
06/09/201609/10/2017 New York Sea Grant Announces New Omnibus Research Projects | Publications: New York Coastlines, Spring/Summer 2016: Mitigating the impacts of climate change and human activities on coastal community resilience, wate...
12/17/201209/10/2017 WWWhat's Trending: Currents, NYSG’s E-Newsletter, Makes Waves | New York Coastlines, Fall 2012: Keep up with New York Sea Grant by joining our E-mail list for New York Coastlines, our flagship coastal science newsletter, and/or Currents, our e-supplement featuring additional program news and events. Both NY Coastlines and Currents will be e-distributed 3-4 times a year.
12/19/201109/10/2017 NYS Conservationist Magazine Examines NYSG's First 40 Years | NYSG @ 40 - News: Recreational and commercial fishermen, seafood businesses, municipalities, researchers and educators—these are some of the important stakeholders that are served by New York Sea Grant, now in its 40th year of Bringing Science to the Shore.
11/02/201109/10/2017 New York Sea Grant Building Partnerships at SUNY-ESF | NYSG @ 40 - News: NYSG's Associate Director, Dr. Kathy Bunting-Howarth, visited ESF this fall for a presentation about NYSG's 40 years of "Bringing Science to the Shore." "This presentation is an opportunity to introduce Sea Grant to a new generation of researchers, students, policymakers and anyone making decisions about the resources of New York's coastlines," Bunting-Howarth said.
06/14/201109/10/2017 Research | NYSG-Funded Projects: 2011: NYSG received a grant totaling $2.449 million in fiscal year 2011 to fund its research, extension and education efforts on important coastal issues in fisheries, coastal marine habitats, coastal flooding, among others.
06/02/201109/10/2017 NYSG's Great Lakes Research Featured at IAGLR | : Sea Grant programs, including New York, were in attendance at the 54th International Conference on Great Lakes Research.
05/04/201109/10/2017 Get Social With Sea Grant: Great Lakes | Publications: Postcards: One of a set of social media postcards focusing on New York's Great Lakes and Long Island bays ecosystems.
12/13/201009/10/2017 Viral Hemorrhagic Septicemia Virus in the Great Lakes | Publications: Success Stories (Research): Viral Hemorrhagic Septicemia is a fish disease that has been found in a wide diversity of species in the Great Lakes Basin.
12/13/201009/10/2017 Mysis relicta Decline in Lake Ontario | Publications: Success Stories (Research): Mysis relicta is one of the major predators on zooplankton in Lake Ontario and also a major prey for planktivorous fish. Monitoring their abundance is considered important by the agencies around the lake.
10/25/201009/10/2017 Researchers Identify Ways to Improve Sportfishing | New York Coastlines, Fall 2010: NYSG-funded researchers conclude that increasing fishing activity of residents along NY's Lake Ontario shoreline is important to sustaining the region’s coastal businesses.
09/10/201009/10/2017 Wildlife & Botanicals Art Exhibit | : Several paintings and drawings are now on display at Cold Spring Harbor Library by naturalist/illustrator Jan Porinchak, who's also created artwork for New York Sea Grant.
09/10/201009/10/2017 Great Lakes Ecosystem Poster | Publications: Posters: This illustration captures some of those stories about the Great Lakes ecosystem. Big fish are eating little fish. Exotic species are insinuating themselves in the food chains of long-time residents.
07/16/200909/09/2017 A Delicate Balance | New York Coastlines, Spring 2009: NYSG announces 14 new research projects for '09, valued at $3.64 million. These include a sportfishing study exploring strategies to help sustain Lake Ontario's coastal community economies; research on VHS, a fish disease affecting a number of key Great Lakes species; tracing Long Island Sound inputs of nitrogen via groundwater; forecasting ecosystem effects of the "bloody-red shrimp," a new Lake Ontario invasive; and the impact of alewives on their prey populations.
09/25/200909/03/2017 Lake Ontario Trends Outlook May Prompt Action to Offset Decline | Great Lakes Sustainable Recreational and Commercial Fisheries - Press Release:

Lake Ontario is New York’s largest sport fishery, in terms of both angler days and expenditures. According to a report published in partnership with NYSG, at the peak of the lake’s fisheries’ growth, at least $100 million in angler expenditures accrued to communities on or near Lake Ontario.

06/29/201607/21/2017 Fact Sheet: Will These Fish Invade North America? | Great Lakes Sustainable Recreational and Commercial Fisheries - News: A team of investigators at Buffalo State College worked with NYSG's Fisheries Specialist to determine what we know about nearly a dozen potentially invasive Great Lakes fish species.
12/07/200902/10/2017 New Research, Education Addresses VHS in Great Lakes Fish | New York Coastlines, Fall 2009:

In a newly-funded two year NYSG study, Drs. Paul Bowser and James Casey are examining the transmission process of VHSV, the virus that causes Viral Hemorrhagic Septicemia, a fish disease that has been found in a wide diversity of species in the Great Lakes Basin. The goal is so that better bio-safety protocols and decontamination methods can be developed.

09/09/200902/10/2017 NYSG-funded Researcher Awarded Top Honors from American Fisheries Society | Great Lakes Sustainable Recreational and Commercial Fisheries - News: New Sea Grant research, education partnerships address concerns over VHS, a Great Lakes fish disease.
06/29/201606/29/2016 Brochure: Invasive Herring | Great Lakes Sustainable Recreational and Commercial Fisheries - News: Examined in this brochure from New York Sea Grant are several Great Lakes invasive fish species, including Skipjack and blueback herring.
12/18/201408/28/2015 On Air: Fish Stocking Program Boosting Lake Ontario's Viability | Great Lakes Sustainable Recreational and Commercial Fisheries - News: "As improvements in water quality occurred, a sea lamprey control program began and stocking of trout and salmon really took hold, creating a multimillion dollar industry and perhaps the best of any of the fisheries in the Great Lakes," said NYSG's Fisheries Specialist Dave MacNeill
12/18/201412/18/2014 Marine Science Experts Discuss Eel Aquaculture Partnership | Great Lakes Sustainable Recreational and Commercial Fisheries - News: "The idea is to begin forming a strategic partnership that would work together to better understand eel biology, fisheries, and to take steps to develop eel aquaculture," said NYSG's Fisheries Specialist Dave MacNeill
03/16/201407/14/2014 NYSG to Receive Nearly $2.4M for Coastal Research and Outreach | Research - Press Release: NOAA-funded Sea Grant Projects on storm hazards, climate change, fisheries health, hypoxia, harmful algal blooms.
05/20/201406/15/2014 On Air: Muskies Recovering on the St. Lawrence River | Great Lakes Sustainable Recreational and Commercial Fisheries - News: As heard in this report from North Country Public Radio, while muskellunge, or muskies, are popular with anglers for their size and their ability to put up a fight, they are vulnerable to a disease called Viral Hemorrhagic Septicemia, or VHS.
05/17/201405/18/2014 Studying the Impact of VHSV on a Key St. Lawrence River Sportfishery | Great Lakes Sustainable Recreational and Commercial Fisheries - Press Release: Project results of this NYSG-funded investigation will help managers and policymakers protect the $1.2 billion/year freshwater sportfisheries of New York.
05/16/201405/16/2014 Lake Ontario Resident Anglers: Motivations, Constraints, and Facilitators | Great Lakes Sustainable Recreational and Commercial Fisheries - News: As part of its goal to promote robust coastal business development, NYSG funded a study of Lake Ontario resident anglers, a large and fairly stable angler group whose travel within the Lake Ontario region is less affected by high fuel costs and the state of the economy than non-resident anglers.
04/03/201308/26/2013 NYSG's Extension Specialists Honored for Excellence in 2012 | Extension - News: In October 2012, two of New York Sea Grant's (NYSG) were honored for excellence by the Great Lakes Sea Grant Extension Network. The acknowledged efforts of Helen Domske, Buffalo, and Dave MacNeill, Oswego would add to that of a handful of other NYSG specialists who received their own recognitions within the year.
03/14/201304/12/2013 New York Sea Grant to Assist Four Great Lakes Restoration Initiatives | Great Lakes Extension - Press Release: NYSG will collaborate on four Great Lakes Restoration Initiative projects. Award-winning educators David B. MacNeill, a fisheries specialist, and coastal education specialist Helen M. Domske will be key partners in efforts.
02/26/201303/14/2013 NY Great Lakes Coastal Educators Honored for Excellence | Great Lakes Extension - Press Release: In Fall 2012, two Great Lakes coastal issue extension educators - Helen M. Domske, Buffalo, and David B. MacNeill, Oswego - were honored for excellence by the Great Lakes Sea Grant Extension Network.
09/25/200908/28/2012 Former Sea Grant Scholar Follows the Fish and Finds Himself at NOAA | Great Lakes Sustainable Recreational and Commercial Fisheries - News: In A "NOAA People" Spotlight featured on NOAA World, Doran Mason, a director and chief scientist at NOAA’s Great Lakes Environmental Research Laboratory in Ann Arbor, Michigan, recounts his days as a NYSG scholar.
09/06/201108/28/2012 Lecture on VHS, a Great Lakes-prevalent Fish Disease | Great Lakes Sustainable Recreational and Commercial Fisheries - Press Release: Dr. Paul Bowser will kick off the Fall Friday Colloquium Series at Stony Brook’s School of Marine and Atmospheric Sciences on Friday, September 9, 2011.
02/08/201008/28/2012 New Fish Fact Sheet Series Encourages Habitat Projects | Great Lakes Sustainable Recreational and Commercial Fisheries - News: NYSG's new series of fish habitat factsheets is available to help anglers, landowners and researchers develop collaborative projects to improve habitat for Northern pike, muskellunge and walleye.
03/20/201208/28/2012 New Lake Ontario Fish Identification Guide is Accurate Aid for Anglers | Great Lakes Sustainable Recreational and Commercial Fisheries - Press Release: NYSG’s new first-ever full-color visual identification guide for the salmon and trout species found in Lake Ontario illustrates the differences among the species, improving correct identification by anglers. The waterproof guide’s nearly two dozen illustrations are anatomically accurate for fish that are often commonly misidentified species.
07/08/201208/28/2012 Salmon and Trout of Lake Ontario: A Visual Identification Guide | New York Coastlines, Spring/Summer 2012: This brochure identifies each trout and salmon species in the Lake Ontario watershed based on accurate color artwork.
02/07/201208/28/2012 Trawl Workshop an Award-Winning International Exchange | Great Lakes Sustainable Recreational and Commercial Fisheries - Press Release: The US Geological Survey has awarded an NYSG specialist who co-sponsored November 2011's trawl workshop with a "USGS Great Lakes Science Center Certificate of Appreciation." Collecting fish samples with large underwater nets (trawls) provides essential information for understanding food webs and managing fisheries resources, which is why there was such a focus on bringing acclaimed expertise in marine trawl design to this Central New York workshop.
07/08/201207/08/2012 Trawl Workshop an International Exchange | New York Coastlines, Spring/Summer 2012: In November 2011 New York Sea Grant and the US Geological Survey brought acclaimed expertise in the design of marine trawls to the Cornell University Biological Field Station on Oneida Lake.
08/12/201108/13/2011 On YouTube: Invasive clams cause concern in Owasco Lake | Great Lakes Sustainable Recreational and Commercial Fisheries - News: "It's believed that by filtering out nutrients and phytoplankton, the invasive Asian clam can increase water clarity, causing more benthic plant growth (near bottom) and by removing mostly good phytoplankton, which could allow blue-green and other algae to become dominant," said NYSG's Dave MacNeill.
02/21/201102/21/2011 Cornell Researcher and NYSG Specialist Receive First-Ever Award | New York Coastlines, Winter 2011:

Cornell University researcher Dr. Paul Bowser and New York Sea Grant (NYSG) Fisheries Specialist Dave MacNeill were named the recipients of the Sea Grant Association’s first-ever “Research to Application Award.”

01/24/201101/24/2011 On YouTube: Sea Grant Educates on Winter Fishing Safety | Great Lakes Boating & Marine Trades - News: It may be winter, but, as seen in this clip from Syracuse, NY-based Your News Now, that hasn't stopped some boaters from heading out onto the waterways.
10/22/201010/22/2010 Cornell Researcher and NYSG Specialist Receive Award | Great Lakes Sustainable Recreational and Commercial Fisheries - Press Release: The first-ever honor recognizes a researcher or team for the successful and continued real-world application of a Sea Grant-funded research project.
06/10/201006/10/2010 Under the Microscope with VHS | New York Coastlines, Summer 2010: A NYSG-funded researcher investigates ways to prevent and contain this serious fish pathogen ID-ed in 28 freshwater fish species in the Great Lakes Basin.
03/12/201003/12/2010 NYSG Part of Multi-State NOAA Education Climate Change Project | Great Lakes Sustainable Recreational and Commercial Fisheries - Press Release: NYSG's David B. MacNeill is participating with a NOAA “Climate Engagement” mini-grant project to communicate with coastal communities from Maine to Virginia about the uncertainties of climate change.

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