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04/01/201307/18/2018 Workshop: Living Shorelines for Coastal Erosion Protection in a Changing World | Marine Coastal Processes & Facilities / Marinas - News: This May 2013 NYSG workshop provided attendees with practical information on the use of living shorelines as an erosion control alternative, focusing on smaller scale projects that have erosion protection as the primary objective.
06/15/201807/11/2018 New York Sea Grant Provides Resources to Avoid Rip Current Dangers | Coastal Processes & Hazards - Press Release: In addition to Sea Grant's online resources, including a new fact sheet, NOAA National Weather Service provides beachgoers with real-time surf zone forecasts.
05/11/201806/07/2018 New York Coastlines, Spring 2018 | Publications - Articles / Web Extras: NY Coastlines—NYSG's flagship publication—and its news archive, Currents, highlight news, events and other activities from our coastal program's various research, extension and education endeavors throughout NY's marine and Great Lakes waters.
04/01/201806/07/2018 Kathleen Fallon Shares Coastal Erosion Information with Long Islanders | Marine Coastal Processes & Facilities / Marinas - Press Release: As detailed in a four-page NYSG fact sheet, erosion affects coastal communities on all across Long Island, from the Hamptons on the South Fork to North Shore communities along the Long Island Sound.
04/19/201805/17/2018 When Hurricane Nears, Memory and Responsibility Play Role in Decisions to Evacuate | Coastal Processes & Hazards - News: In a recent paper published in Risk Analysis, Laura Rickard and colleagues are thinking about risk judgment and risk communication in connection to natural hazards like hurricanes.
10/30/201705/10/2018 On the Fifth Anniversary of Sandy, a Big Question Remains | Coastal Processes & Hazards / Research - News: Sea Grant investigators show that the superstorm was not a worst-case catastrophe.
04/27/201805/10/2018 Sea Grant’s Bill Wise Speaks to Congress about Disaster Preparedness | Coastal Processes & Hazards - News: New York Sea Grant Director Bill Wise participated in a legislative briefing, “Using Science and Outreach to Assist State and Local Decision Makers in Disaster Preparedness and Public Safety,” on November 8 in Washington, DC, which was sponsored by Congressmen Lee Zeldin (NY) and Joe Courtney (CT).
05/17/201604/19/2018 On YouTube: NOAA Sea Grant Coastal Storm Awareness Program Comes Ashore | Coastal Processes & Hazards - Press Release: Documentary Short to educate Emergency Managers, empower Coastal Communities; Points to resources from NOAA's NWS; FEMA; NYC Office of Emergency Management, more.
04/19/201804/19/2018 Photographs Influence Perceptions of Hurricane Risk | Coastal Processes & Hazards - News: Recent research published in Weather, Climate, and Society suggests that certain visuals, such as infographics, can make messages related to environmental issues more compelling, such as bolstering or depressing feelings of self-efficacy in adapting behaviors to climate change.
08/26/201104/09/2018 Hurricane Education | Coastal Processes & Hazards - News: We're in the midst of hurricane season. Prepare yourself, your family, business, property in the event of a hurricane with our tips, links to resources and news on related NYSG-funded research.
09/25/201703/19/2018 Sea Grant Helps Local NYC Communities Better Prepare for Hurricanes | Jamaica Bay / NYC - News: Five years post-Sandy, Helen Cheng says the superstorm “still looms in the memories of our stakeholders, but I’m looking forward to working with groups to help them prepare for coastal hazards and to be resilient for the next big storm.”
09/25/201702/13/2018 New York Sea Grant Names Two New Coastal Hazards Specialists and an Outreach Educator | Extension - News: In their new positions, three new NYSG staffers are looking after New York coastlines and populations and conducting outreach regarding hazards and stewardship opportunities.
09/14/201002/07/2018 Coastal Erosion & Climate Change | Coastal Processes & Hazards - Press Release: Are Long Island’s South Shore glacial bluffs and beaches disappearing in the wake of erosive wind and waves? NYSG Specialist discusses coastal erosion impacts on Long Island from climate change. 
09/25/201711/21/2017 Model Reproduces Recent Changes in Ocean Climate around New York City and the Mid-Atlantic | Climate / Research - News: Professor Nickitas Georgas surveying Hudson River conditions on the coastal ice cutter Sturgeon...
07/17/201711/21/2017 On YouTube: Don’t Be Blind to Signs of Shoreline Bluff Erosion | Marine Coastal Processes & Facilities / Marinas - News: A new video featuring Sea Grant shows how shoreline property owners are coping with bluff erosion, a dramatic problem in New York’s coastal regions and waterways.
03/06/201710/29/2017 On Air, On YouTube: Partners, Teachers, Other Stakeholders on NYSG's Benefits to Coastal Communities | NYSG News: Sea Grant has been working with a wide assemblage of partners to support New York’s coastal communities, businesses and residents for five decades now.
10/08/201710/08/2017 Effects of a Superstorm Linger: Four Years after Sandy | Marine Coastal Processes & Facilities / Research - News: Graduate student Tyler Abruzzo and research technician Josh Zacharias picking through a heavily...
04/17/201309/10/2017 NYSG 'Greens Up' 2013 Earth Day Fests in NYC, on Long Island | Education - News: There are plenty of stewardship and green-friendly activities and events to go around, from Stony Brook University on Long Island to Kingsborough Community College in Brooklyn. NYSG will be in attendance at Earth Day festivals on both campuses, with resources and news on current stewardship activities and initiatives.
10/25/201009/10/2017 Sea Grant-ers Pitch in for Habitat Planting in New Orleans | : Sea Grant communicators and colleagues from the national network’s 32 programs recently participated in a habitat restoration planting effort in New Orleans.
06/09/201609/10/2017 New York Sea Grant Announces New Omnibus Research Projects | Publications: New York Coastlines, Spring/Summer 2016: Mitigating the impacts of climate change and human activities on coastal community resilience, wate...
04/13/201509/10/2017 NY Sea Grant Adds Coastal Processes, Watercraft Inspection Training Staff | General - News: Two new positions housed at Wayne County Cooperative Extension, Newark, NY
12/19/201109/10/2017 NYS Conservationist Magazine Examines NYSG's First 40 Years | NYSG @ 40 - News: Recreational and commercial fishermen, seafood businesses, municipalities, researchers and educators—these are some of the important stakeholders that are served by New York Sea Grant, now in its 40th year of Bringing Science to the Shore.
09/02/201109/10/2017 NOAA’S Lubchenco visits Sea Grant at Stony Brook | New York Coastlines, Summer/Fall 2011: In May 2011, New York Sea Grant held a “meet and greet” event in honor of Dr. Jane Lubchenco, Undersecretary of Commerce for the air and oceans and administrator of the National Oceanographic and Atmospheric Administrator.
06/13/201109/10/2017 NOAA's Dr. Jane Lubchenco Visits NYSG | : Meet and Greet for Dr. Jane Lubchenco with New York Sea Grant and Partners at Stony Brook Universit...
01/13/201109/10/2017 NYSG Weighs in on LI South Shore Coastal Erosion Discussion | Coastal Processes & Hazards - News: As reported in Newsday, East Hampton may amend its prohibition on use of "shorehardening" measures to protect beaches, buildings. To which, NYSG offers some insights. [NYSG Specialist weighs in on a Long Island South Shore coastal erosion discussion] 
12/13/201009/10/2017 Coastal Flood Forecasting: Montoring & Simulations | Publications: Success Stories (Research): Metropolitan New York, northern New Jersey and the south coast of Long Island (including Brooklyn and Jamaica Bay) are at risk of coastal flooding due to major storm events (winter nor’easters and seasonal hurricanes).
12/10/201009/10/2017 Barrier Island Breach Impacts on Long Island Estuaries | Publications: Success Stories (Research): NYSG researchers characterized the hydrography, bathymetry and sediments of several areas of the Long Island Southern Shore Estuary system ranging from Fire Island inlet to Shinnecock Bay to establish a baseline for their relation to pelagic and benthic communities.
10/25/201009/10/2017 2010 Sea Grant Summer of Safety | New York Coastlines, Fall 2010: Two ambitious NYSG activities shared a mission of safety this summer -- from discovering clean and safe boating in Central New York to learning safety at sea in Montauk.
10/25/201009/10/2017 NYSG Hosts Climate Science Workshop for Educators | New York Coastlines, Fall 2010: As part of its Coastal Climate Change Adaptation Initiative, NYSG organized a workshop on how to integrate climate science into everyday outreach.
10/04/201009/10/2017 Korea-U.S. Sea Grant Workshop | : In late August, NYSG Director Jim Ammerman took part in a two-day "2010 Korea-U.S. Sea Grant Collaboration International Workshop." The event was held by the Jeju Sea Grant College Program at South Korea's Jeju National University.
09/13/201009/10/2017 NOAA Sea Grant's $1.2M Climate Change Initiative | Coastal Processes & Hazards - Press Release: NOAA’s National Sea Grant College Program has launched a $1.2 million effort to help coastal communities prepare for the impacts of climate change.
09/28/201009/10/2017 NOAA's Climate Change Adaptation Communication Resources | Coastal Processes & Hazards - News: NOAA explores how local officials, resource managers, and stakeholders can motivate others to take steps toward climate change adaptation so their communities will continue to thrive.
09/02/201009/09/2017 Long Island’s Dynamic South Shore | Coastal Processes & Hazards - News: This illustrated, 28-page booklet examines the diversity in physical characteristics, use, and development of the area's 120-mile coast that stretches between Coney Island and Montauk.
04/05/201009/09/2017 New Web Site Helps Managers Deal with Nor’easters | New York Coastlines, Spring 2010: To help coastal communities better deal with nor’easters, NYSG's Jay Tanski partnered with a NOAA/Cornell U. specialist to develop a climatological and forecasting data Web site, funded by NOAA’s Climate Program.
02/11/201009/09/2017 NYSG Proactive on Climate Change | : NYSG is currently the only Sea Grant program in the U.S. actively engaged in climate change outreach coordination in both Great Lakes and marine program environments.
12/07/200909/09/2017 New Weather Web Site Goes Back to Predict the Future | Coastal Processes & Hazards - Press Release: In mid-November, the east coast was hammered with rain and blustery winds, remnants of Hurricane Ida. After the hurricane made landfall in Alabama, it was downgraded to a tropical depression. But just how is this kind of storm classified when it causes an all day soaker in New York?
12/07/200909/09/2017 ECWS (East Coast Winter Storms) | New York Coastlines, Fall 2009: A new Web site has launched to address concerns over East coast winter storms. Also known as nor’easters, these storms have a major impact on coastal communities in New York and actually cause more damage than hurricanes due to their frequency.
01/26/200909/09/2017 Rising Seas in a Warming World | Coastal Processes & Hazards - News: In two New York Sea Grant articles, Coastal Expert Jay Tanski puts climate change in perspective, in the context of how it is and may continue to influence sea level rise and flooding due to storm surges specific to Long Island’s north and south shores.
11/07/200809/09/2017 Breaking the Waves | Coastlines, Fall 2008 - Web Extras (Breaking The Waves - Photos):

Breaking the Waves (Coastlines, Fall '08 - web extras)

11/07/200809/09/2017 Breaking the Waves | Coastlines, Fall 2008 - Web Extras: Breaking the Waves (Coastlines, Fall '08 - web extras)
05/27/201609/28/2016 NOAA Predicts Near-normal 2016 Atlantic Hurricane Season | Coastal Processes & Hazards - Press Release: Near-normal prediction for 2016 Hurricane Season suggests more activity in Atlantic possible than last three below-normal years; Sea Grant programs in NY, NJ, CT produce video on Coastal Storm Awareness.
06/27/201607/26/2016 “Should I stay or should I go?”: Communicating Risk when the Storm Comes | Coastal Processes & Hazards - News: A new video by Sea Grant summarizing research from 10 NOAA-funded social science projects will be screened during the day and evening on Thursday, July 14, 2016 at the Long Beach Library on Long Island, NY.
03/18/201507/06/2016 Tracking ‘Great Lakes Nor’easters,’ New Eastern Lake Ontario Project | Coastal Processes & Hazards - News: The aim of this NOAA-funded study is to help communities increase their storm event resiliency by tracking historic storm events along the eastern shore of Lake Ontario.
06/28/201606/29/2016 On Air, On YouTube: Sea Grant Shows How We Can Best Prepare For the Next Severe Storm | Coastal Processes & Hazards - News: Covered in the hour-long interview with NYSG's Director Bill Wise, among other things, was Sea Grant's efforts to make people more aware of severe storms and how best to prepare for them.
06/28/201606/28/2016 On Air, On YouTube: NYC Installs New Signs to Raise Awareness at Start of Atlantic Hurricane Season | Coastal Processes & Hazards - News: In mid-May 2016, the first of 20 New York City-wide "High Water Mark" signs went up. The ongoing educational campaign to raise coastal storm awareness, for which NYSG is a partner, is in tandem with an effort to revise the City's coastal storm evacuation signs.
11/11/201405/27/2016 On YouTube: Severe Storm Focus Group Study on Flood Risk and Uncertainty | Coastal Processes & Hazards - News: Participants in several New Jersey counties are being accepted into focus groups and surveyed about their use of the various flood warning tools and products made available by the U.S. National Weather Service.
05/18/201605/18/2016 NOAA and Sea Grant's Coastal Storm Awareness Program - About | Coastal Processes & Hazards - News: NOAA Sea Grant funded $1.8M in grants as part of the Coastal Storm Awareness Program, which is administered by Sea Grant programs in New Jersey, New York and Connecticut.
10/26/201510/27/2015 Workshops Set to Address Future Lake Ontario Weather Extremes in NY | Coastal Processes & Hazards - Press Release: Public stakeholders in the region invited to share thoughts on actions needed through lake and watershed planning to prepare for possible future extreme climate conditions and population changes.
04/24/201209/02/2015 NOAA and FEMA's National Severe Weather Preparedness Week | Coastal Processes & Hazards - News: The NSWP Week initiative (April 22-28, 2002) – a joint effort between NOAA and the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), along with a host of federal, state and local partners – is calling on you to “Be a Force of Nature” in your community to help people be prepared should a severe weather event strike.
11/15/201208/28/2015 In the News: Superstorm Sandy and the Discussion from SBU Experts that Followed | Coastal Processes & Hazards - News: New York Sea Grant-funded Stony Brook University (SBU) School of Marine and Atmospheric Sciences (SoMAS) researchers who tracked superstorm Sandy before, during and after landfall made the rounds in media discussions, including The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, NBC News, ABC News, the Associated Press and Newsday, among others. One of those researchers, Malcolm Bowman, will discuss "Storm Surge from Superstorm Sandy: Causes and Impacts" at SBU Southampton on Friday, November 16, 2012.

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