Seafood Safety and Technology

May 2016 - Great Lakes Regional Seafood Workshop More>>
Sea Grant-ers and industry specialists invited to attend this Wisconsin-based event from May 9-12

November 2014 -
Third Annual Seafood Throwdown Celebrates in a Red, Hot and Blue Style
Once their mystery ingredients were revealed for New York Sea Grant’s Third Annual Seafood Throwdown at “Celebrate Grown on Long Island Day" late this past summer, the chefs had a little time (and cash) for a mad dash to the onsite farmers market to buy other grown-on-Long Island ingredients to round out the on-the-spot dishes. “Fishermen have much in common with small farmers. We are working with fishing businesses to help establish Community Supported Fisheries programs similar to the more familiar Community Supported Agriculture," said New York Sea Grant's Fisheries Specialist Antoinette Clemetson.

  • August 2014 - Third Annual Seafood Throwdown at "Celebrate Grown on Long Island Day" More>

December 2013 - NYSG Specialists and Sea Grant Network Campaigns Lauded for Their Successes More>
From a Visionary Career Leadership Award to Two Top 100 Great Lakes Restoration Initiative Success Stories, New York Sea Grant specialists were acknowledged this year for their work in maintaining seafood safety standards and keeping pharmaceuticals, personal care products and invasive species out of New York's waterways.

August 2013 - Seafood Throwdown Returns to Grown on Long Island Day More>
August's Chef 'Seafood Throwdown,' the third of its kind in the last year that NYSG has partnered on in Metro NY and on Long Island, was as fun as it was educational. As captured in NYSG Communication Manager Barbara A. Branca's article for Edible East End, this community-driven activity highlighted the many health benefits of a seafood diet and the importance of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration's (NOAA) "community-supported fisheries" concept — supporting small family-owned and operated fishing businesses in feeding New Yorkers and helping to sustain our coastal economies.

  • August 2013 - Sea Grant Partners on Chef 'Seafood Throwdown' at Third Annual Grown on Long Island Day More>
    2013's Grown on Long Island Day, slated for Friday, August 9 in Yaphank, will include a chef 'Seafood Throwdown' and a farm food challenge

January 2013 - Sea Grant Supports Cornell CALS 'From Farm to Fork' NYC Event More>
New York Sea Grant 'at the table' as Cornell University's College of Agriculture and Life Sciences (Cornell CALS) serves up a treat for invited attendees in Manhattan. At the late-January 2013 event, NYSG staff unveil the program's new poster on "Rethinking the Seafood Industry: Building Economic Resilience in Coastal Communities."

October 2012 - NYSG's Extension Specialists Honored for Excellence in 2012 More>
Last Fall, two of New York Sea Grant's own were honored for excellence by the Great Lakes Sea Grant Extension Network. These acknowledged efforts added to that of a handful of other NYSG specialists who received their own recognitions within the year.

Late Summer 2012 - Seafood is Healthy Food, Researchers Say More>

Winter 2012 - Seafood Health Facts Web site (New York Coastlines) More>
NYSG's seafood specialist is the primary content developer for a new Web site aimed at helping consumers weigh the benefits against possible risks of eating seafood.

October 2011 - New Web site launched to clarify health benefits and risks associated with seafood consumption More>

Summer/Fall 2011 - Making Your Seafood Safer More>
In April 2011, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) released the first update in 10 years of its Fish and Fishery Products Hazards and Controls guidance (FDA Hazards Guide) for seafood processors. These changes – which describe appropriate science-based “HACCP” (pronounced hassip), or Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point, controls for various types of seafood products – impact our nation’s $60 billion seafood industry, which employs some 250,000 workers.

March 2011 - Sea Grant ensures safe seafood, preventing illness and saving consumers millions  More>

January 2011 - NYSG and Other Sea Grant Programs Ranked in NOAA's State of Sea Grant Report  More> 

Summer 2010 - Online Training Ensures Seafood Safety More>
Ken Gall, New York Sea Grant’s seafood safety specialist, collaborates with businesses, regulatory agencies, the national Sea Grant network and universities to conduct on-site and distance education training programs and workshops to assist the seafood industry in its pursuit of freshness and quality.

November 2007 - Seafood is a Award-Winning Specialty for NYSG More>
NYSG seafood specialist Ken Gall is the 2007 recipient of the prestigious Earl P. McFee Award in recognition of his experience in delivering vital scientific information to the seafood industry and helping to ensure the safety of seafood products.

Winter 1998-Fall 2009 - Seafood Corner More>
Hungry for Seafood? Check out our this archives for a variety of tasty recipes.

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