Policies (Updated: 2008)

NYSG expects that investigators and Sea Grant Scholars will publish the results of NYSG-funded work in peer-reviewed journals, proceedings, trade press, etc. Whether or not publication funds are requested from NYSG, it is expected that NYSG support will be acknowledged in all resulting publications, and that NYSG will be notified of these publications (even after the project has ended).

NYSG Acknowledgement

NYSG must be acknowledged within the publication or product by inclusion of the statement:

“This [report/publication/video] is a resulting product from project [NYSG project number, e.g., R/ABC-1] funded under award [refer to your Conditions of Award document for the award number for your project or contact our offices and we will provide it for you] from the National Sea Grant College Program of the U.S. Department of Commerce’s National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, to the Research Foundation of State University of New York on behalf of New York Sea Grant. The statements, findings, conclusions, views, and recommendations are those of the author(s) and do not necessarily reflect the views of any of those organizations.”

If questions about the acknowledgment statement arise, the lead principal investigator must contact NYSG’s Communications staff for advice.

NYSG Financial Support Available for Journal Articles

If the NYSG project budget included funds for publications, the investigator must exhaust those publication funds prior to requesting page cost or reprint funds from NYSG. Otherwise, NYSG will provide financial support for the publication of journal articles in the following ways:

a. Page charges: NYSG’s Communications Office will provide funds to cover page charges. Because funds are limited, investigators are asked to seek a waiver of page charges from publishers prior to seeking support from NYSG. Knowing that journal waivers are not always possible, the total cost for page charges can be billed to NYSG, even if the project has already terminated.

b. Reprints: NYSG will pay for a maximum of 200 reprints of any published journal article produced by the project. NYSG will directly distribute 50 copies of all journal reprints as mandated by the National Sea Grant Office, and will send the remaining reprints to the project’s lead principal investigator. Any distribution to authors or co-authors will be the responsibility of the lead principal investigator. If an investigator requires more than 200 reprints (150 for his/her own use and distribution and 50 for NYSG’s required distribution), NYSG prefers that the investigator order the total number directly from the publisher. NYSG can then be invoiced for the partial cost that represents 200 reprints, however, the invoice will be paid only when 50 required reprints are received by the Communications Office.

Generally, charges for reprint covers or color graphics will not be supported, although special cases may be considered.

Requesting NYSG Support for Journal Articles

At any time during the project or after its completion, NYSG investigators should forward the following items to NYSG’s Communications staff when publishing in a journal:

a. All ordering information received from the publisher;

b. A copy of the title page and the acknowledgment page of the manuscript that has been accepted for publication;

c. A cover letter to NYSG Communications specifying: a) the name of the journal in which the article will appear, and b) the NYSG project number (on the cover page of this document) that funded the work.

If tight deadlines preclude submission of the above-listed items, the lead principal investigator must call the Communications staff to make other arrangements.

NYSG Support of Other Formats

Publications of NYSG projects in formats other than reprints may necessitate the use of the NOAA and NYSG logos and disclaimers and must be discussed with NYSG’s Communications Manager.

Under special circumstances, NYSG may consider publishing work as a technical report. Lead principal investigators wishing to explore this possibility should contact the Communications staff for more information.

For queries regarding publications, contact NYSG Communications:

Telephone: 631-632-6905
Fax: 631-632-6917
Email: Sharon O'Donovan

Communications Staff

Barbara Branca, Communications Manager
Paul Focazio, Web Content Manager
Sharon O’Donovan, Publications Assistant

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