NOAA Sea Grant 2017 Aquaculture Initiative: Addressing Impediments to Aquaculture Opportunities
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Closes at: 5 p.m. Eastern on Tuesday, April 4, 2017.

Download a copy of these instructions from the files listed in the box to left. This Federal Funding Opportunity's program objective is focused on answering key questions impeding the development and expansion of sustainable United States marine, coastal, and Great Lakes aquaculture. This can be accomplished with research, education, technology transfer, and/or extension. Successful applications must outline small scale projects, business plans, workshops, etc. that seek to address key questions, barriers, or hurdles impeding the advancement of new or developing aquaculture initiatives that will contribute to the continuing growth of United States aquaculture production.

Full announcement is attached and can be found at

Instructions to apply:

  • No hard copy or email submissions will be accepted. Applications must be submitted through this portal. This portal closes and stops accepting submission at 5:00 p.m. Eastern on April 4, 2017.

  • The full announcement has details on funding availability, award period, eligibility, and more. Please read before preparing an application.

  • Application format and content requirements (see details for each on pages 8-11 of the full announcement). Download and use the checklist file found in the box to the left:
    a) Title page;
    b) Aquaculture Competition Project Summary Form 90-2;
    c) Project description (10 page maximum);
    1) Introduction/background/justification
    2) Work Plans
    3) Outcome and Milestone Chart
    4) Outcome
    5) Partnerships and related work
    d) References and literature citations
    e) Budget and matching funds justification
    f) Previous, current and pending support
    g) Letter(s) of support
    h) Vitae (2 pages maximum per personnel listed on project)
    i) List of all applicable permits that will be required to perform the proposed work.
  • Do not provide standard application forms (i.e., SF424, SF424A, SF424B, CD511) that are available through We will submit those forms when we upload applications received to

For interested parties submitting through New York Sea Grant, when your application is ready return to this page and:

  • Click "Apply Now" below.
  • On the application and file submission form:
  • Where it says “Select:” in the middle column, select “Proposal” from the drop down list.
  • Under “Applicant”, provide all required "contact information."
  • Enter the project title (only the first few words).
  • Browse and upload your application file(s) then click the submit application button.
Note that the deadline time is based on the server clock displayed on the top right of the submission form not your computer’s time. Note the time remaining displayed in red.

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