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Seafood Throwdown Events/Materials: 2012-Present

Third Annual Seafood Throwdown Celebrates in a Red, Hot and Blue Style More>
Once their mystery ingredients were revealed for New York Sea Grant’s Third Annual Seafood Throwdown at “Celebrate Grown on Long Island Day" late this past summer, the chefs had a little time (and cash) for a mad dash to the onsite farmers market to buy other grown-on-Long Island ingredients to round out the on-the-spot dishes. “Fishermen have much in common with small farmers. We are working with fishing businesses to help establish Community Supported Fisheries programs similar to the more familiar Community Supported Agriculture," said New York Sea Grant's Fisheries Specialist Antoinette Clemetson.

  • Third Annual Seafood Throwdown at "Celebrate Grown on Long Island Day" More>

Seafood Throwdown Returns to Grown on Long Island Day More>
August's Chef 'Seafood Throwdown,' the third of its kind in the last year that NYSG has partnered on in Metro NY and on Long Island, was as fun as it was educational. As captured in NYSG Communication Manager Barbara A. Branca's article for Edible East End, this community-driven activity highlighted the many health benefits of a seafood diet and the importance of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration's (NOAA) "community-supported fisheries" concept — supporting small family-owned and operated fishing businesses in feeding New Yorkers and helping to sustain our coastal economies.

  • Sea Grant Partners on Chef 'Seafood Throwdown' at Third Annual Grown on Long Island Day More>
    2013's Grown on Long Island Day, slated for Friday, August 9 in Yaphank, will include a chef 'Seafood Throwdown' and a farm food challenge

Sea Grant Supports Cornell CALS 'From Farm to Fork' NYC Event More>
New York Sea Grant 'at the table' as Cornell University's College of Agriculture and Life Sciences (Cornell CALS) serves up a treat for invited attendees in Manhattan. At the late-January 2013 event, NYSG staff unveil the program's new poster on "Rethinking the Seafood Industry: Building Economic Resilience in Coastal Communities."

WWWhat's Trending: Community Supported Fisheries Concept Simmers More>
NYSG partnered with Cornell Cooperative Extension and others for a couple of unique cooking competitions that showcase the importance of local seafood in restoring a healthy ocean ecosystem.

Sea Grant and Cornell University Partner for Another Seafood Throwdown More>

Seafood Throwdown comes to the Grand Army Plaza Greenmarket in Brooklyn, NY on July 14, 2012 More>

On YouTube: Seafood Throwdown at Grand Army Plaza Greenmarket in Brooklyn, NY encourages sustainability and Community Supported Fisheries concept More>

Postcard: Seafood Throwdown - Local Resources (pdf)


Safety-At-Sea Workshops: 2010 - 2012

In October 2011, NYSG Fisheries Specialist Antoinette Clemetson, who organized the 2010 and 2011 Safety-At-Sea training program, was presented with a Certificate of Appreciation for outstanding outreach by Captain Joseph M. Vojvodich, US Coast Guard regional commander for Sector LIS, during a 40th anniversary ceremony at Stony Brook University. The USCG was an important partner in this successful program.

"The lessons learned during the hands-on training with lifesaving gear, damage control measures, and firefighting equipment will not soon be forgotten by the participants," said Vojvodich.

  • Coast Guard Station Montauk hosts Safety At Sea training mid-May 2012 event More>

  • NYSG’s Safety-At-Sea Workshop Garners US Coast Guard Appreciation (New York Coastlines, Winter 2012) More>
    Following two successful Safety-At-Sea training summer partner programs, NYSG was awarded with both a Certificate of Appreciation for outstanding support and outreach by the US Coast Guard and the Northeast Sea Grant Consortium Outstanding Outreach Achievement Award.

  • On YouTube: Safety at Sea: An Award-Winning Program (February 2012) More>
  • In October 2011, New York Sea Grant’s Safety-At-Sea workshops garnered U.S. Coast Guard appreciation More>
  • Safety & Survival at Sea Training for Commercial Fishermen on June 23, 2011 in Montauk More>

  • 2010 Sea Grant Summer of Safety More>

    • Resources are available from June 2010's "Safety & Survival at Sea Training for Commercial Fishermen" in Montauk More>

Other News ...

Investigating Hard Clam Resistance Against QPX Infection More>
Since the 1990s, several North American Northeast states have suffered severe losses in hard clam stocks due to a fatal disease caused by a microscopic parasite called Quahog Parasite Unknown (QPX). New York Sea Grant has funded numerous research projects conducted at Stony Brook University's Marine Animal Disease Lab to identify the QPX organism and its effects on the hard clam. Most recently, NYSG produced a colorful postcard series to highlight some of the the lab's studies and findings.

Understanding Impacts of Climate Change on Summer Flounder More>
Any changes that investigators find in fishing effort or shifts in flounder distribution will help to inform stock assessments and fishery management as well as provide insight on how to evaluate fish stocks under new climate situations. 

NYSG to Receive Nearly $2.4M for Coastal Research and Outreach More>
Sea Grant Projects on storm hazards, climate change, fisheries health, hypoxia, harmful algal blooms

NYSG's Extension Specialists Honored for Excellence in 2012 More>
Last Fall, two of New York Sea Grant's own were honored for excellence by the Great Lakes Sea Grant Extension Network. These acknowledged efforts added to that of a handful of other NYSG specialists who received their own recognitions within the year.

Identifying Distinct Sturgeon Population Segments More>
The Atlantic Sturgeon, the ancient-looking fish covered with bony plates rather than scales, was once abundant along the eastern seaboard and in major river systems from Labrador to Northern Florida. But human activities such as damming rivers, pollution and extensive harvesting have reduced the number and size of its populations and in February 2012, the Atlantic Sturgeon was federally listed as endangered.

NYSG paper helps LI fisherman spread the word on catch-and-release More>

Alternative Marketing for Fish Catch More>
For many years, small farmers sold shares of their crops to the public in exchange for labor to help bring in the harvest. Fishermen across the country have been adapting this type of direct marketing strategy by establishing Community Supported Fisheries (CSF) programs.

NYSG partners for plastic fishing line recycling program More>

NYSG encourages it's various stakeholders to "Get Social with Sea Grant" with informative postcards featuring species in Long Island Bays (click here) and throughout New York's Great Lakes ecosystem (click here)

On YouTube: With talk of listing the Atlantic sturgeon as endangered, NYSG research reveals a genetically distinct sub population in the Delaware River More>

Flat Fish, a Flatter Population: How Genetic Tools Help Management More>
Current winter flounder populations in our region, from Maine to the mid-Atlantic, are now at or near all-time lows of abundance when once they were a very common bottom-dwelling fish. An NYSG-funded researcher is using two state-of-the-art genetic approaches to help efficiently manage this economically significant species.

MADL (Marine Animal Disease Laboratory) More>

In other MADL News:

  • Stony Brook Researchers Examine Wasting Disease in Striped Bass More>

  • Stony Brook Researchers Gain Insight into Lobster Shell Disease More>

Maritime Film Festival: "Traditions at the Crossroads" at Stony Brook University, November 8, 2008 More >

NYSG-funded researchers from the Marine Animal Disease Laboratory at Stony Brook University discuss their extensive QPX monitoring program in Raritan Bay, Peconic Bay and other areas of the marine district to determine the extent and distribution of QPX disease. More >

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