Long Island Sound Lobster Research Initiative
Declines on Long Island Sound Lobsters Being Studied More>
In mid-July, the Connecticut Department of Energy and Environmental Protection announced that it would be undertaking a comprehensive study seeking reasons for the continued decline in the lobster population of Long Island Sound. Past studies - including those funded through Sea Grant programs in New York and Connecticut via the "Long Island Sound Lobster Initiative" -  have implicated increased temperatures, among other stressors, for the major decline in Long Island Sound lobster populations since 1999, as the Sound is near the southern end of the lobster inshore temperature range.

Stony Brook University investigator offers insights into the current health of LI Sound lobsters on Fox News's October 2011 segment, "The Curious Case of the Dying Lobsters" More>

New York Sea Grant featured prominently in a August 2011 New York Times story/blog/video feature on Long Island Sound lobsters and "The Last of the Lobstermen"  More>

What’s Eating Those Lobsters?: An Understanding of Shell Disease in American Lobsters Offered at Sea Grant Symposium (September 2010) More>

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