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Below, you'll find an archive of information on some of NYSG's recent and past highlighted extension and education projects, activities and initiatives ...

New York Sea Grant Welcomes Helen Cheng as Jamaica Bay Coastal Resilience Specialist More>>

Resources from NY Sea Grant-Hosted Watercraft Inspection Webinar Series More>>

First Ever Long Island Youth Ocean Conservation Summit Comes to Stony Brook University More>>

NY Sea Grant Offers Clean and Safe Boating Tips for 2015 More>
May 16-22, 2015 is National Safe Boating Week


NY Sea Grant Adds Coastal Processes, Watercraft Inspection Training Staff More>

Two new positions housed at Wayne County Cooperative Extension, Newark, NY


Covering Climate in the Classroom More>

"Understanding the relationship between weather and climate are important first steps to understanding larger-scale global climate change," says NYSG Hudson Estuary Specialist Nordica Holochuck, who tested this and other lesson plan concepts with educators during a mid-November workshop on climate change and its impacts. Holochuck has been working with partners from Cornell University and the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation's Hudson River Estuary Program on this new series of teaching curricula designed to help middle school students understand climate and weather basics and explore climate change-related issues close to home in the Hudson River Valley. The teaching curricula fit into Learning Standards for New York State, Next Generation Learning Standards and the Common Core.


Hands-On Teacher Workshops a “Re-Sounding” Success More>

In Fall 2014, formal and informal educators from all along New York’s Long Island Sound coastline learned about the Sound's topics of marine debris, geology, and climate change through hands-on teacher workshops. Built into each event to engage teachers was a field trip component as well as a follow-up activity that can be linked to New York State Science Learning Standards.

  • Also ... Q & A With Dr. K: How has the Sound Changed? More>
    At a recent New York Sea Grant-sponsored climate change teacher workshop, Dr. K. (the NOAA liaison to the EPA Long Island Sound Office) was asked a really interesting question about human caused changes in Long Island Sound.


On YouTube: Local High School Scholars to Compete in the Bay Scallop Bowl More>

  • A Perennial Powerhouse Takes Local High School Science Bowl, Advances to Nationals More>


On YouTube: Making a "Splash" With Great Lakes Education More>
This year, 109 teachers took part in five workshops that focused on Great Lakes watersheds, the Buffalo River, Lake Ontario and Lake Erie.  Those teachers agreed to conduct stewardship activities with over 11,325 students from 4th grade through high school. "By using the 'Teach-the-Teacher' approach, we engage teachers in experiential learning and provide them with information and classroom-tested curriculum developed by Sea Grant and NOAA," says NYSG's Coastal Education Specialist Helen Domske.


NYSG Aquatic Invasive Species Education: By The Numbers More>
In 2014, aquatic invasive species (AIS) educators reached over 335,000 in New York via the "Clean and Safe Boat campaign," workshops and stewardship efforts and engaged audiences in the removal of invasives on 335 acres throughout New York State. New York Sea Grant's social media channels helped to deliver the AIS message to the masses.


Launch Stewards Serve Up Another Season of Educating Boaters on Aquatic Invasive Species Prevention More>
For a period of about 16 weeks beginning around Memorial Day, eight New York college students interested in environmental science careers worked with our program's Launch Steward initiative to demonstrate watercraft inspection at various sites along Lake Ontario's eastern shoreline. "The stewards provide this voluntary service for operators of motorized and non-motorized boats and share information on the easy-to-implement Clean, Drain, Dry method that boaters can use to help slow the spread of numerous aquatic invasive species," said New York Sea Grant Coastal Community Development Specialist Mary Penney, who serves as the Launch Steward Program Coordinator.

  • Related News:

    New York State Watercraft Inspection Steward Program Handbook More>

    Background on this Handbook More>


Sea Grant Alerts Millions of U.S. Pet Owners of Potentially Lethal Toxins in NY Waters More>
After news of NYSG's "Harmful Algal Blooms and Dogs" publications was announced by the Associated Press in mid-September 2014, dozens of U.S. media outlets – daily papers, blogs magazines – followed suit, which extended the total potential reach to some 4 million people. And, thanks to reposts on Facebook and Twitter by NOAA, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and Cornell Cooperative Extension, over 350,000 social media users received the news in their various feeds. “It all goes back to our culture,” says author Dave MacNeill, a NYSG Fisheries Specialist from the State University of New York at Oswego. “Americans are devoted pet owners.” 

  • Related News: Dogs and Harmful Algal Blooms More>


On YouTube, On Air: Great Lakes Shipwreck Display Enhances Boating Education Program More>
Now in its eighth season, the New York Sea Grant-initiated "Discover Clean & Safe Boating" was recently named a top notch safety program by Great Lakes Boating magazine. The exhibit has now been seen by more than half-a-million boaters and potential boaters and counting at over 50 events in all of New York state's coastal regions, including this year's Empire Farm Days and even the New York State Fair. Included are a series of the program's informative 2014 television and radio clips and boating safety tips.

Long Island Pitches in for NY’s First Invasive Species Week More>
As reported by Newsday, The Long Island Press and other local media, volunteers at Long Island's Caumsett State Park stuffed two dozen bags with invasive plants in two days this past July during New York State's first-ever "Invasive Species Awareness Week." But pitching in is something you can do any day in your own backyard. Learn more on "What You Can Do" via The Long Island Sound Study and the New York Invasive Species Clearinghouse.

On YouTube: Two NY Sea Grant Educators Receive Awards at Great Lakes Network Meeting More>
New York Sea Grant's Coastal Community Development Specialist, Mary Penney, and Coastal Education Specialist, Helen Domske, are recipients of awards voted on by Sea Grant-ers from programs in the nine Great Lakes states. Also shared at this June 2014 Sea Grant conference was the latest regional news on invasive species partnerships as well as impacts from the harmful algae blooms that have been cropping up around the Great Lakes.

Metropolitan Waterfront Alliance's City of Water Day: Making Urban Waterways Accessible to All More>
NYSG was on-hand at some of the sites in the New York Metro area this past summer during MWA's seventh annual "City of Water Day," a celebration of recreation on New York City's waterways and waterfronts. "City of Water Day is all about fun and recognizing the potential of the untapped resource that is our harbor," said MWA President and CEO Roland Lewis. Check out a photo gallery from July's festivities. There's also a regularly-updated interactive map of locations where free kayaking and canoeing will be offered around New York City next summer as well as a preview of what's to come for Spring 2015's MWA Annual Waterfront Conference.

Municipal Officials Conference: Managing Cesspools and Septic Systems to Protect Long Island's Waters More>

Approximately 130 coastal managers, septic and cesspool company business owners, researchers, water quality professionals, elected officials, engineers and concerned citizens gathered for a March 2014 conference to hear experts deliver much needed information about the state of Long Island's cesspools and septic systems and where we go from here.

  • On Blog: Where Does It All Go? More>
    What it is like to have a group of professionals inspect your home septic system? When the criteria for candidate homes for inspections was discussed by the organizers of March 2014's  Cesspool and Septic conference, Eric Swenson realized that his home in Oyster Bay, fairly close to Long Island Sound, seemed like a good candidate.

On Air: Microplastics in Our Waters Takes Center Stage at 2014 State of Lake Erie Meeting More>
"For years people have worried about the environmental impacts from plastics left behind in the oceans and Great Lakes," writes NYSG Coastal Education Specialist Helen Domske in a recently-produced two-page "Microbeads" fact sheet. "Some plastic particles result from the breakdown of larger plastic items, but others are small plastic spheres known as microbeads." In April, Domske hosted the 21st State of Lake Erie meeting, which focused on the sources and impacts of microplastics via featured speaker Dr. Sherri A. Mason, who also recently discussed the topic on National Public Radio and will, in late May, will address teachers and students through a New York State Marine Education Association-hosted webinar. Additionally, recent anti-microplastics legislation in New York State is highlighted.

  • Fact Sheet: Plastic Microbeads in the Great Lakes (pdf)

Sea Grant Brings "A Dose of Reality" to USDEA's National Prescription Drug Take-Back Days More>
Since the inception of the Great Lakes Sea Grant Network's "Dose of Reality" campaign,  more than 2 million pills have been collected at drug drop-off events in the five states. The National Take Back Days have removed a combined 3.4 million pounds of medication from circulation. The primary reason for collection days and education on proper disposal is because unwanted prescription drugs can pollute local waterways, posing a threat to public health, wildlife, and our natural environment.

On YouTube, On Air: Sea Grant Partners to Discover a Bigger, Better Boating Education Program More>
Currently in it's seventh season, the New York Sea Grant-initiated "Discover Clean & Safe Boating" project has become a model industry-partnered educational effort that has expanded from Great Lakes' venues to sites statewide. The exhibit has now been seen by more than 500,000 boaters and potential boaters ... and counting in all of New York state's coastal regions. Here-replete with a series of informative television and radio clips and boating safety tips-we offer a snapshot of where the campaign has been since its inception in 2008 and where it's headed in 2014.

Here are some of the "Discover Better Boating" and other related videos and content that were filmed/released in the last few years ...

On YouTube: "Discover Better Boating" series (2012-13)

  • October 20, 2012 - Preparing for Winter: Storing Your Boat More>

  • May 15, 2013 - Boating in 2013: There’s An App for That! More>

  • June 22, 2013 - Ethanol Use in Boats More>

  • July 19, 2013 - Boating Fun ... The Things We Can Do With Our Boats More>

  • August 17, 2013 - Journey Along the Erie Canal More>

  • September 18, 2013 -"Made in NY" Boating More>

  • October 19, 2013 - Boating Event Questionnaires  More>


On YouTube: Other Boating News (2012-14)

  • October 9, 2012 - Sea Grant Offers Advice on Fall Tourism More>

  • March 22, 2013 - Experts Fear Low Water Levels Again This Year More>

  • May 15, 2013 - Safe Boating Week Reminds Us To Be Careful More>

  • June 18, 2013 - Beware Invasive Species More>

  • July 1, 2013 - Invasive Species More>

  • July 8, 2013 - Practice Environmentally Friendly Boating More>

  • October 23, 2013 - Now's a Good Time to Take a Boating Course More>

  • June 2, 2014 - Boating Season Underway, More Risk of Invasive Species Being Spread More>


Safe Boating (2014)

  • May 14, 2014 - NYSG Offers Clean & Safe Boating Tips with 2014 ‘Water Mouse’ Exhibit More>

    On YouTube:

  • May 13, 2014 - 2014 National Safe Boating Week More>

  • May 16, 2014 - Quick Tip of the Month: Boater Safety Kit More>

  • May 17, 2014 - How To Get Your Boat Trailer Ready For the Season More>

  • May 20, 2014 - It's National Safe Boating Week. Are You Set For a Safe Season? More>


On YouTube: Sea Grant's Launch Stewards and Related Programs Help Prevent Invasive Species' Spread More>
We're just getting underway with 2014's Launch Stewards program. As in previous years, this year's student-stewards will provide watercraft inspection training and public outreach to boaters at select launch ramps along Lake Ontario between Henderson Harbor and Sodus Bay and on Oneida Lake. For more, check out some of last year's steward-written publications on reducing the spread of aquatic invasive species. You can find these stories under "NYSG 2013 Launch Stewards Program News" at

On YouTube: NYSG's Watercraft Inspection How-To Video More>
In this nearly 7 minute video, NYSG's launch stewards illustrate how you can prevent the spread of aquatic invasive species while enjoying your recreational time on New York's waters.

2014 NYSG Waterfront Launch Stewards Educating Boaters on Aquatic Invasive Species Prevention More>

Lang Selected for Knauss Fellowship Class of 2014 More>
The competitive fellowship recruits students from 33 Sea Grant programs nationwide to complete a one-year paid fellowship in either the legislative or executive branch of the U.S. government in Washington D.C.

Teachers Offer Each Other Activity Ideas at NYC Marine Science Workshop More>
This interactive "share-a-thon," the third of its kind in as many years, links teachers up with innovative curricula ideas related to marine science subjects and programs.

On Blog, On YouTube: Bay Scallop Bowl Winners Advance to NationalsMore>
Winners of 2014's Bay Scallop Bowl, held at Stony Brook University in March 2014, were from Saint Ann's School in Brooklyn, NY. "This event gets New York high school students excited about the marine sciences," says William Wise, Associate Director of SBU’s School of Marine and Atmospheric Sciences and NYSG's Interim Director. "For some, it's just a competition; for others, however, it is an entré into a lifelong avocation and, for a few, it's a career move."

On YouTube: Two NY Sea Grant Educators Receive Awards at Great Lakes Network Meeting More>

Third Annual Seafood Throwdown at "Celebrate Grown on Long Island Day" More>

NYSG's 2013-2014 Extension Success Stories More>

Our program's impact statement series for recently-completed projects—made possible by collaborating with national, state, regional, and local partners—shows how Sea Grant’s depth of programming can benefit NY’s shoreline regions and have a profound impact on its coastal communities and economies. Outreach successes include, among others, Helping coastal property owners and communities evaluate living shorelines as an erosion control option; Offering more Americans with disabilities access Hudson River waterfront areas; Teaching students about the environment and having them conduct hands-on stewardship projects; Connecting diverse stakeholders with Harmful Algal Bloom (HAB) science experts via several workshops to help mitigate the environmental and economic impacts of related outbreaks.

Communications is Key to Hurricane Preparedness More>
Atlantic Hurricane Season began June 1 and, as documented by National Sea Grant Office 2014 Knauss Fellow Elizabeth Bevand, Sea Grant is helping communities throughout the U.S. prepare for hurricanes for the short and long term. Also, NYSG's Web Content Manager Paul C. Focazio is profiled by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration's National Sea Grant College Program about what everyone needs to know about preparing for a hurricane as well as how he got hooked on science communications and how others in or considering the field might sharpen their skills.

NOAA and Sea Grant Issue 2014 Atlantic Hurricane Season Outlook in NYC More>
What was the outlook for the 2014 Atlantic hurricane season? That was the topic of discussion at a news conference held at the New York City Office of Emergency Management in Brooklyn on Thursday, May 22. Also, New York Sea Grant joins other Great Lakes Sea Grant programs in a social science study to help evaluate more effective weather warnings.

Be Aware On and Beyond NOAA Sea Grant's National Rip Current Awareness Week and Beach Safety Week More>
NOAA, Sea Grant and their partners want you to be aware of the dangers of rip currents so that you can enjoy a summer of fun in the sun at the shore.

New York Sea Grant Joins NOAA and NWS in Support of 2014's National Severe Weather Preparedness Week More>
Highlighting NYSG's recent round of research and education to raise awareness of severe storms like Superstorm Sandy.

On Blog, On YouTube: Bay Scallop Bowl 2014 - And The Winners Are ... More>
The Bay Scallop Bowl's 2014 winning team, from Saint Ann's School in Brooklyn, NY, is off to the Nationals in Seattle, WA, which are held in May.

EPA, LISS and NYSG Encourage Thousands to 'Toast the Coast' for National Estuaries Day More>
Celebrate the 25th annual National Estuaries Day with a nationwide “Toast the Coast” via social media and at Alley Pond Environmental Center's Little Neck Bay Festival.

NYSG’s New Outreach Coordinator Hosts LI Sound Workshop More>
Starting in the Summer and running through Fall 2013, New York Sea Grant’s new Long Island Sound Study Coordinator, Amy Boyajian, offers a series of workshops to show high school teachers how they can incorporate hands-on activities like seining and water quality testing into their curricula.

Off to Washington for Two New York Knauss Fellows More>


For the class of 2013, New York Sea Grant is happy to announce two Fellows were selected for the prestigious Knauss Fellowship program named in honor of one of Sea Grant’s founders, former NOAA Administrator, John A. Knauss.

  • Former Fellow Wins 2013 "America's Science Idol" Competition More>

  • Sea Grant Scholars Present and are Awarded for their Research Studies More>

NYSMEA-NYSG Second Teacher Share-A-Thon a Success More>
What do tectonic plates, fish tanks, and baby birds have in common?  They all were presentations at  the April 28th, 2013 Marine Science Share-A-Thon workshop  held at Mercy College, located in Dobbs Ferry, N.Y. on the Hudson River.

  • Pre-event news item: NYSMEA Marine Science Activity Workshop More>

2013 Clean and Safe Boating Campaign Launches More>
From the Central New York Boat Show in mid-Febrary through the summer months, the 2013 Discover Clean and Safe Boating campaign educates boaters about all the gear required and recommended for legal, safe and environmentally-friendly boating on New York's waters. "Our focus in 2013 is also on educating anglers and paddlesports enthusiasts about how to be safe on the water and how they can help reduce the spread of aquatic invasive species," says campaign developer NYSG Coastal Recreation and Tourism Specialist Dave White.

Volunteers Pitch in at LISS-designated Stewardship Areas More>
Last Summer and Fall, New York State Office of Parks, Recreation and Historic Preservation and the Long Island Sound Study held four volunteer events around the Sound at recreationally- and ecologically-important LISS-designated Stewardship Areas.

How does Long Island Sound measure up? Find out by downloading the Sound Health 2012 report More>

Mount Sinai Wins Bay Scallop Bowl—Again More>

  • Local High School Scholars Compete in February 2013's 12th Annual Bay Scallop Bowl at Stony Brook University More>

New York Volunteers Augment Restoration’s Success in Southern Louisiana More>
As featured in Louisiana's WaterMarks magazine, NOAA Coastal Services magazine and reported by several media outlets: To learn about wetland loss in southern Louisiana and how it relates to the habitat loss occurring in New York, a group of 14 educators traveled to the Bayou State in late February 2012 to rebuild habitats devastated by recent natural and man-made events. This was the second time in as many years that such a trip was planned.

Sea Grant Helps Cornell Document Change, Develop Educational Curricula for NYC Sites More>
Since 2008, Cornell Institute for Resource Information Sciences and NYSG have been developing stewardship education materials to help educators better understand and teach students about coastal change over time in our NY-NJ Harbor-Hudson region’s urban coast and the resulting impacts to its coastal environments.

New Great Lakes Coastal Stewardship How-To Resources More>
NYSG’s new Great Lakes coastal stewardship how-to resources focus on slowing the spread of aquatic invasive species in New York State.

WWWhat's Trending: Scientists Go ‘Social’ with Sandy More>
Before, during and after landfall of Sandy in late October, NYSG-funded Stony Brook University School of Marine and Atmospheric Sciences researchers kept close tabs on the storm.

WWWhat's Trending: Community Supported Fisheries Concept Simmers More>
NYSG partnered with Cornell Cooperative Extension and others for a couple of unique cooking competitions that showcase the importance of local seafood in restoring a healthy ocean ecosystem.

WWWhat's Trending: Currents, NYSG’s E-Newsletter, Makes Waves More>
Keep up with New York Sea Grant by joining our E-mail list for New York Coastlines, our flagship coastal science newsletter, and/or Currents, our e-supplement featuring additional program news and events. Both NY Coastlines and Currents will be e-distributed 3-4 times a year.

September 29th National Take Back Day: You Can Help Keep Drugs Out of Great Lakes More>

NYSG Shares Resources, Offers Educational Opportunities at NY Metro Fall Festivals More>

Volunteers collect data with Long Island Sound Study on threatened, endangered species of Great Gull Island More>

NYSMEA’s ‘Share-A-Thon’ A Success More>
New York Sea Grant and longtime partner New York State Marine Education Association share the value of the “train-the-trainer” approach to teaching marine science. A recent joint venture was the March 2012 Marine Science Share-A-Thon held at Columbia University’s Teachers College, where teachers shared and acquired innovative lesson plans and other materials for students while earning professional development credits.

Rip Current Awareness Week: NOAA and Sea Grant Provide Resources More>

NOAA's 2012 National Hurricane Preparedness Week More>

NOAA and FEMA's 2012 National Severe Weather Preparedness Week More>

NYSG and other volunteers make a dent in invasive Water Chestnut plants More>

National Sea Grant Communications Network Chair visiting Central NY to teach students about Social Media More>

Volunteer to help New York State Parks and Long Island Sound Study More>

NYSG educates boaters on safety this summer More>

2012 “Discover Better Boating” Educational Television series begins May 19, 2012 More>

Just Throw Out Your Unwanted Meds? Sea Grant Programs Weigh In More>

On YouTube: Sea Grant has new info on invasive species More>

NYSG provides green, clean boating tips More>

Long Island Sound Study educates at "Under the Sea" event More>

NYSG urging April 28, 2012 take-back participation to keep drugs out of Great Lakes More>

  • University at Buffalo: Faculty Experts Q&A: NYSG Coastal Youth Educator on Keeping Pharmaceuticals out of Waterways More>

Now is the Time for NY’s Marinas, Boaters & Anglers to Battle Hydrilla More>

NYSG has received nearly $2.4 Million in 2012-2013 to fund research, extension and education on important coastal issues More>

Four Decades Supporting Scholars, Fellows, Stewards and Youth More>
Since the 1970s, New York Sea Grant has funded more than 600 research projects, and more than 600 graduate students, many of whom are in a position of influence relative to the marine and Great Lakes districts, whether in government, academia or industry.

  • Graduate students - the foundation of Cornell's future (Cornell University's Ezra, Spring 2012) More>

  • NY Sea Grant names Cornell's Jillian Cohen a 2012 Knauss Fellow (Press Release, December 2011) More>

NYSG's 2011 Impact Statements show the depth of programming and benefit to NY’s Shoreline regions - from its coastal waters and communities to its youth, economy and educators. More>

Stony Brook University Hosts 11th Annual Bay Scallop Bowl in early March 2012 More>

NYSMEA and NYSG Re-Team for late-February 2012 Habitat Restoration Efforts and Wetlands Loss Education in southern Louisiana

  • Pre-event press release More>

  • Post-event press release More>

NYSG partners with NYSMEA for a March 2012 Marine Science Share-A-Thon in New York City More>

NYSG Coastal Youth Educator on Great Lakes invasives: Devastation from zebra and quagga mussels holds lessons for Asian carp More>

As seen in Port Washington News, NYSG's Long Island Sound Study Outreach Coordinator Larissa Graham talks "Sound problems and progress" at mid-October 2011 North Shore Kayak Club talk (pdf) More>

NYSG's Aquatic Invasive Species Education Series: Native or Invasive? More>

We're partnering with Long Island Sound Study on a sea level rise educational photo contest to "Capture the King Tide" in October 2011 More>

Alternative Marketing for Fish Catch More>
For many years, small farmers sold shares of their crops to the public in exchange for labor to help bring in the harvest. Fishermen across the country have been adapting this type of direct marketing strategy by establishing Community Supported Fisheries (CSF) programs.

NOAA’S Lubchenco visits Sea Grant at Stony Brook More>
In May 2011, New York Sea Grant held a “meet and greet” event in honor of Dr. Jane Lubchenco, Undersecretary of Commerce for the air and oceans and administrator of the National Oceanographic and Atmospheric Administrator.

Hudson Tourism More>
There are many opportunities throughout the summer season for both residents and tourists of the Hudson River Valley to engage in cultural, nature-based and water recreation activities.

I FISH NY goes crabbin' and prepares events through Fall 2011 More>

NYSG partners for plastic fishing line recycling program More>

Long Island Sound: Ours to protect, restore, and enjoy More>

NYSG programs on slowing the spread of Aquatic Invaders More>

Safety & Survival at Sea Training for Commercial Fishermen on June 23, 2011 in Montauk More>

New brochure encourages use and protection of Deer Creek Marsh Area More>

Dune Coalition Dedicates Kotz Memorial, one of nearly a dozen interpretive panels in NY's Eastern Lake Ontario Dunes & Wetlands region More>

NYSG encourages it's various stakeholders to "Get Social with Sea Grant" with informative postcards featuring species in Long Island Bays (click here) and throughout New York's Great Lakes ecosystem (click here)

NOAA and Sea Grant are urging beachgoers to learn how to "Break the Grip" of rip currents before getting into the water this summer. More >

NYSG's New Aquatic Invasive Species Education Program More>

Environmentally-Friendly Senior Volunteers Wanted for Summer Citizen-Scientist Program More>

Long Island Sound Mentor Teacher Program makes its way to New York More>

NYSG Offers Green Tips for Coastal Living More>

Discover Clean & Safe Boating Campaign a Hit with Industry More>
Helping boaters and watercraft users learn what they need to legally, safely and cleanly boat on New York waters is the mission of the Discover Clean & Safe Boating campaign.

New Sea Grant Fact Sheets Showcase Diversity of Eastern Lake Ontario Region More>

  • Also featured in Spring 2011 NY Coastlines More>

New York Sea Grant Names Penney as Coastal Community Development Specialist  More>

  • Also featured in Spring 2011 NY Coastlines More>

Great Lakes Sea Grant Network Educates Consumers on Proper Disposal of Unwanted Pharmaceuticals More>

  • Also featured in Spring 2011 NY Coastlines More>

Blog Documents New York Educators Help to Restore Habitats off Threatened Louisiana Coast More>

New York Sea Grant NEMO Program Addresses Peconic Water Resource Protection More>

Cornell Researcher and NYSG Specialist Receive First-Ever Award More>

NYSG Director James Ammerman in Korea More>

Sea Grant responds to Gulf Oil Spill More>

Bay Scallop Bowl 2011: Mt. Sinai High School - The Best in Ten Years of Buzzers and Brains  More>

Sea Grant-ers Pitch in for Habitat Planting in New Orleans More>

A WWWeb of Lake Ontario Learning More>

NYSG Hosts Climate Science Workshop for Extension Educators More>

  • NOAA Sea Grant and Climate Change: Resources More >

2010 Sea Grant Summer of Safety More>

National Estuary Day and Beach Clean-ups, September 2010 More>

NOAA Sea Grant's Response to the Gulf of Mexico Oil Spill: News and Resources More>

Online Training Ensures Seafood Safety More>

Western New York News: ‘State of the Lake’ and an Award-Winning Educator More>

NYSG Partners to Re-launch, Manage a Web Site for New York State’s Marine Educators  More >

  • Plus: Summer 2010 news brief More> 

NYSG Award-Winning Great Lakes Educator Announces Spring and Summer '10 Programs. More >

Partners Make a Splash with Project WET’s Teacher/Student-friendly “Discover the Hudson River” More>

I FISH NY event schedules are now available for the 2010 spring - fall seasons. More > 

Got game? I FISH NY does. We've got fish-themed matching, word finds and jumbles and mazes. More > 

NYSG is part of a multi-state NOAA Public Education Climate Change Project More >

Mount Sinai High School Wins 9th Annual Bay Scallop Bowl More >

I FISH NY staff discuss the value of new lesson plans and activities for teachers More>

What's New with NYSMEA? (New York State Marine Education Association) More>

Former Sea Grant Scholar follows the fish and finds himself at NOAA More >

NYSG revises Exploring the Estuary!
A Teacher’s guide to the NY-NJ Harbor Estuary Region  More >

IFISHNY's new educational materials for teachers: lesson plans, background info, handouts and supplemental activities, all aligned with NYS Education Learning Standards. More >

NYSG Knauss Fellow recounts lift-off of NOAA's new satellite and a new Fellow is sought for 2011. More >

August 26, 2009: Teachers' Workshop: Exploring the Link between Invasive Species & the Erie Canal More >

October 14, 2009: Lake Erie Teachers' Workshop More >

These Scholars Follow the Fish More >
Since 1971, New York Sea Grant has supported nearly 600 Scholars at a total cost of over $9 million. "It began my career in Great Lakes resources," says NYSG Great Lakes Fisheries Specialist Dave MacNeill of his Sea Grant Scholar days. "It made me realize this is what want to do."

I FISH NY events schedules are now available for the 2009 fall season. More >

Nab the Aquatic Invader! Web Site Featured in Year of Science 2009 More >

Mt. Sinai High School defeated rival Churchville-Chili High School to win the 8th Annual Bay Scallop Bowl held at Stony Brook University on February 7th, 2009.  More >

COSEE Great Lakes has developed a collection of innovative classroom activities to provide teachers and students with insights into the uniqueness of the Great Lakes and their influence on aquatic life and human populations.  More >

COSEE cruise for teachers and researchers studying Lake Ontario aboard the USEPA's Lake Guardian. More >

Scholar Di Liberto wins Mattice Travel Award More >

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